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Yamada Hiroyuki

Yamada Hiroyuki
Research field  (1): Otorhinolaryngology
Research keywords  (5): Artificial Hearing Device ,  Middle Ear Mechanics ,  Facial paralysis ,  Neurotology ,  Otology
Papers (14):
MISC (66):
Lectures and oral presentations  (20):
  • 聴神経腫瘍の治療ーこれまでとこれからー
    (第45回四国四県地方部会連合学会 2019)
  • The regeneration facilitating effects of basic fibroblast growth factor impregnated biodegradable gelatin hydrogel as a novel therapeutic strategy for facial paralysis due to temporal bone fracture
    (15th Japan-Taiwan Conference on Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery 2019)
  • A Novel Treatment for Facial Nerve Paralysis Caused by Temporal Bone Fracture
    (AAO-HNS Annual meeting & Oto experience 2019)
  • 側頭骨頭蓋底外科医を目指して
    (第29回日本耳科学会 2019)
  • 当科における顔面神経減荷術の検討
    (第42回日本顔面神経学会 2019)
Awards (1):
  • 2015/04 - Triological Society Otology/Neurotology First Place Poster A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: Evaluation of the Regeneration Facilitating Effects of Novel Facial Nerve Treatment Using Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor
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