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Yohei Terasawa

Yohei Terasawa
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Plant genetics and breeding ,  Biodiversity and systematics
Research keywords  (5): メタボロミクス ,  タンパク質 ,  遺伝資源 ,  育種 ,  コムギ
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2019 - 2022 The metabolite QTL analysis of the bread loaf volume in wheat using doubled haploid population
Papers (16):
  • Seiji Shimoda, Yohei Terasawa, Maki Kanaya. Control of snow mold damage of winter wheat by snow compaction (Yuki-fumi). Soil and Tillage Research. 2023. 225. 105554-105554
  • 下田星児, 寺沢洋平, 西尾善太. 耐病性向上に伴い変化する小麦の収量変動をもたらす気象要因と適応策. 北農. 2022. 89. 3. 165-170
  • Seiji Shimoda, Yohei Terasawa, Zenta Nishio. Improving wheat productivity reveals an emerging yield gap associated with short-term change in atmospheric humidity. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. 2022. 312
  • 寺沢洋平, 伊藤美環子, 伊藤美環子, 八田浩一, 八田浩一, 川口謙二, 鈴木雄大, 兼光宏学, 田引正, 岡田昌宏. The development and inspection of the electronic field-note for crop breeding. 農研機構研究報告. 2021. 9. 1-10
  • Ito Miwako, Tsutsui Ichiro, Tanaka Yuki, Takahashi Rumiko, Hatta Koichi, Terasawa Yohei, Tabiki Tadashi, Nishio Zenta, Nagasawa Koichi, Yamauchi Hiroaki, et al. Breeding of an extra-strong winter wheat variety with high pre-harvest sprouting tolerance, "Yumechikara 2020". Breeding Research. 2021. 23. 1. 37-43
MISC (31):
  • 下田星児, 金谷真希, 寺沢洋平. 小麦の雪腐病の物理的防除を可能にする地表面温度と雪踏みタイミング. 日本農業気象学会全国大会. 2023
  • 下田星児, 金谷真希, 寺沢洋平. 雪踏みによる小麦の雪腐黒色小粒菌核病とバレイショの軟腐病の減少傾向と収量への影響. 日本農業気象学会北海道支部会. 2022
  • 寺沢 洋平, 岡田 昌宏. 育種研究の現場で本格運用するための電子野帳の開発. グリーンテクノ情報 / グリーンテクノバンク 編. 2022. 17. 4. 2-6
  • 松中仁, 寺沢洋平. About the current and the future state of the wheat breeding in HARO/NARO. 北農. 2022. 89. 3
  • Shimoda Seiji, Terasawa Yohei. Possible physical control effects of snow compaction 'yuki-fumi' to snow mold in winter wheat. Abstracts of Meeting of the CSSJ. 2021. 251. 34-34
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D.
Association Membership(s) (2):
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