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Marchand Tim

Marchand Tim
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Linguistics
Research keywords  (4): タスク中心の教授法 ,  eラーニング ,  言語教育 ,  コーパス言語学
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2014 - 2017 Investigating a Learner Corpus of Computer-mediated Communication
Papers (6):
  • Sumie Akutsu, Tim Marchand. Computer-Mediated Communication for Course Delivery and Teaching Materials Development: A Case Study. International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching. 2015. 5. 3. 1-19
  • マーチャンド ティム, 阿久津 純恵. コンピューター・メディア・コミュニケーションを用いた大学英語コースデザインとその有用性. 日本英語教育学会第43回年次研究集会. 2014
  • Tim Marchand, Benedict Rowlett. Course Design in the Digital Age: Learning Through Interaction With News-Based Materials. Language Education in Asia. 2013. 4. 2. 183-198
  • Tim Marchand. Speech in written form? A corpus analysis of computer-mediated communication. Linguistic Research. 2013. 30. 2. 217-242
  • Tim Marchand. An analysis of classroom talk and the "ladder of interaction" in the Japanese Context. Asian EFL Journal. 2012
MISC (8):
  • Sumie Akutsu, Tim Marchand. Assigning Proficiency Levels to Computer-mediated Communication : Preliminary Result from a Learner Corpus of Japanese University Students' Writing. 桜美林言語教育論叢. 2015. 11. 31-49
  • Akutsu Sumie, Marchand Tim. Teaching Mediation Skills Through Translation : First Steps Using a Corpus Approach(Fostering English Communicative Competence for Peace and Friendship). JACET全国大会要綱. 2014. 53. 65-66
  • 紺野 馨, 海津 淳, 向井 一朗, Tim Marchand, 熊澤 雅子. 留学生アンケート(I 特集:桜美林への留学生の学びと生活). Obirin today : 教育の現場から. 2014. 14. 35-39
  • Tim Marchand. Retience in the classroom: examples, causes, and suggestions for improvement. 2012. 12
  • Marchand Tim. Reticence in the classroom : examples, causes, and suggestions for improvement(II.基盤教育院における実践). Obirin today : 教育の現場から. 2012. 12. 159-179
Books (2):
  • Studies in Learner Corpus Linguistics: Research and Applications for Foreign Language Teaching and Assessment (Linguistic Insights)
    Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften 2015 ISBN:3034315066
  • Learner Corpora in Language Testing and Assessment (Studies in Corpus Linguistics)
    John Benjamins Publishing Company 2015 ISBN:9027203784
Lectures and oral presentations  (12):
  • The genre analysis of expert and learner corpra of news-based computer-mediated communication
    (International Computer Archiveof Modern and Medieval English 37 2016)
  • The genre classification of texts from expert and learner corpra of computer-mediated communication
    (Learner Corpus Research 2015 2015)
  • Computer-mediated communication as source and resource in an EFL course for university students in Japan
    (17th World Congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics 2014)
  • The design, development and purpose of a learner corpus based on first drafts
    (17th World Congress of the International Association of Applied Linguistics 2014)
  • Motivation and the Learner Corpus
    (11th Teaching & Language Corpra Conference 2014 2014)
Education (3):
  • 2013 - 現在 Universite catholique de Louvain Doctoral Degree in Applied Linguistics
  • - 2010 Aston University Master of Science in TESOL
  • - 1995 Nottingham University, UK Bachelor's of Arts in Geography
Professional career (1):
  • Master of Science in TESOL (Aston University, UK)
Work history (10):
  • 2016/04 - 現在 Gakushuin University Faculty of International Social Sciences Associate Professor
  • 2012/04 - 現在 Keio University Law Faculty Lecturer
  • 2015/04 - 2016/03 Gakushuin University Faculty of International Social Sciences Preparatory Office Associate Professor
  • 2012/04 - 2015/03 J. F. Oberlin University Assistant Professor
  • 2010/04 - 2015/03 Chuo University Faculty of Law Lecturer
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