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YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty

YANG Chin-Cheng Scotty
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Junior Associate Professor
Homepage URL  (1): http://yanglabrish.wixsite.com/yanglabrish
Research field  (1): Entomology
Research keywords  (5): Population genetics ,  Myrmecology ,  Sociobiology ,  Urban entomology ,  Invasion genetics
Papers (32):
  • Naoto Idogawa, Chih-Chi Lee, Chin-Cheng Scotty Yang, Shigeto Dobata. The complete mitochondrial genome of a parthenogenetic ant Monomorium triviale (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Mitochondrial DNA Part B. 2021. 6. 10. 2793-2795
  • Matthew T. Kamiyama, Kenji Matsuura, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, Chin-Cheng Scotty Yang. Predation of the brown marmorated stink bug, Halyomorpha halys by the Japanese acrobat ants, Crematogaster matsumurai and Crematogaster osakensis. Biological Control. 2021. 157. 104570-104570
  • Chun-Yi Lin, Chih-Chi Lee, Yu-Shin Nai, Hung-Wei Hsu, Chow-Yang Lee, Kazuki Tsuji, Chin-Cheng Scotty Yang. Deformed Wing Virus in Two Widespread Invasive Ants: Geographical Distribution, Prevalence, and Phylogeny. Viruses. 2020. 12. 11. 1309-1309
  • Hsu PW, Hugel S, Wetterer JK, Tseng SP, Ooi CSM, Lee CY, YANG CCS. Ant crickets (Orthoptera: Myrmecophilidae) associated with the invasive yellow crazy ant Anoplolepis gracilipes (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): evidence for cryptic species and potential co-introduction with hosts. Myrmecological News. 2020. 30. 103-129
  • Wylie R, YANG CCS, Tsuji K. Invader at the gate: the status of red imported fire ant in Australia and Asia. Ecological Research. 2020. 35. 6-16
Books (2):
  • Encyclopedia of Social Insects
    Nature Springer 2019
  • Invasive Alien Ants
    Asakura Publishing 2019
Lectures and oral presentations  (10):
  • “Crazy” people are what we need for the ''crazy'' ant project: the role of social media in invasive ant research
    (The 39th Annual Meeting of Taiwan Entomological Society 2018)
  • Enemy (pathogen) release in success of fire ant invasion and its management implication
    (he 8th East Asia Federation of Ecological Study International Congress 2018)
  • What can we learn from bridgehead invasion of the fire ant Solenopsis invicta?
    (The 65th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of Japan, Sapporo, Japan. 2018)
  • Ecology and management of the invasive species: yellow crazy ant as an example.
    (The 7th International Symposium for Sustainable Humanosphere, Bogor, Indonesia. 2017)
  • Movement control of fire ant in Taiwan
    (Fire Ant Workshop 2017)
Education (3):
  • 2006 - 2010 National Taiwan University PhD
  • 2004 - 2006 National Taiwan University MS
  • 2000 - 2004 National Taiwan University BS
Professional career (1):
  • PhD (National Taiwan University)
Work history (1):
  • 2011/08 - 2016/03 National Taiwan University Assistant Professor
Committee career (2):
  • 2017/03 - 現在 Ecological Society of Japan Ecological Society of Japan
  • 2006 - 現在 Taiwan Entomological Society Taiwan Entomological Society
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