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Tsukamoto Mitsuaki

ツカモトミツアキ | Tsukamoto Mitsuaki
Research keywords  (4): fMRI ,  brain decoding ,  quantum monte carlo ,  low temperature physics
Papers (6):
  • Makoto Takemiya, Kei Majima, Mitsuaki Tsukamoto, Yukiyasu Kamitani. BrainLiner: A Neuroinformatics Platform for Sharing Time-Aligned Brain-Behavior Data. FRONTIERS IN NEUROINFORMATICS. 2016. 10. 3
  • Hiroki Kuroyanagi, Mitsuaki Tsukamoto, Makoto Tsubota. Study of Kosterlitz-Thouless transition of Bose systems governed by a random potential using quantum Monte Carlo simulations. 2009
  • Mitsuaki Tsukamoto, Makoto Tsubota. Quantum Monte Carlo simulations for the Bose-Hubbard model with random chemical potential; localized Bose-Einstein condensation without superfluidity. 2009
  • Chyh-Hong Chern, Mitsuaki Tsukamoto. Spin Anisotropy in ZnCu_3(OH)_6Cl_2. Phys. Rev. B 77, 172404 (2008). 2007
  • V. S. Zapf, V. F. Correa, P. Sengupta, C. D. Batista, M. Tsukamoto, N. Kawashima, P. Egan, C. Pantea, A. Migliori, J. B. Betts, et al. Using magnetostriction to measure the spin-spin correlation function and magnetoelastic coupling in the quantum magnet NiCl$_2$-4SC(NH$_2$)$_2. 2007
Professional career (1):
  • 博士 (理学)
Work history (3):
  • 2012/03 - 現在 ATR脳情報研究所・神経情報学研究室 研究技術員
  • 2008/04 - 2012/02 Osaka City University Faculty of Science, Department of Physics
  • 2008/03 - The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science
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