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Morijiri Yuki

Morijiri Yuki
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Lecturer
Papers (8):
  • Yuki Morijiri. Influential factors in the evaluation of music performances: Focusing on musical factors, extra-musical factors and non-musical factors. Bulletin of Tokyo Gakugei University, Division of Arts and Sports Sciences. 2016. 68. 1-14
  • Yuki Morijiri. The construction of musical criteria by professional pianists: acting as performers and audiences (PhD thesis). UCL Institute of Education, University of London. 2015
  • Yuki Morijiri. How pianists listen to recordings of Schumann's Träumerei?: Comparisons with self-evaluation and external-evaluation. Proceedings of SEMPRE MET 2014 Researching Music, Education, Technology: Critical Insights Conference. 2014. 151-153
  • Yuki Morijiri. Pianists' perceptions on performance criteria: Results of a factor analysis. Proceedings of International Symposium on Performance Science 2013. 2013. 677-682
  • Yuki Morijiri. The influence of the ABRSM Graded Exams: Current situation and issues. Research on Music Learning. 2013. 9. 59-68
Books (7):
  • The VOCES8 Method (Smith, P)
    Edition Peters, London 2016
  • 音楽文化の創造 Vol.77
    財団法人音楽文化創造 2016
  • 音楽文化の創造 Vol.76
    財団法人音楽文化創造 2016
  • 音楽文化の創造 Vol.75
    財団法人音楽文化創造 2016
  • 音楽文化の創造 Vol.66
    財団法人音楽文化創造 2013
Lectures and oral presentations  (19):
  • The perceived influences of private teachers on pianists' expertise in learning stages
    (The 26th International Seminar of the ISME Commission on Research 2016)
  • 音楽演奏評価における要因と影響 -理論的分類と構造に着目して -
    (日本音楽教育学会第46回大会 2015)
  • Developing the musicians: How teachers can contribute to professionalism
    (The International Symposium on Performance Science 2015 2015)
  • How education can contribute intra-personal and inter-personal communication skills in music performance
    (The 2nd Asia Pacific Community Music Network Seminar 2015)
  • How can piano teachers motivate their students to learn during private tuition? In the Symposium for "Strategies for increasing motivation during instrumental learning"
    (The 9th International Conference for Research in Music Education 2015)
Education (4):
  • - 2015 UCL Institute of Education, University of London Music Education
  • - 2011 Ochanomizu University, Graduate school of Humanities and Sciences Department of Arts and Representational Studies
  • - 2008 Tokyo Gakugei University, Graduate school Music Education
  • - 2006 Tokyo Gakugei University Music Education
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Philosophy (UCL Institute of Education, University of London)
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