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Sawada Keisuke

サワダ ケイスケ | Sawada Keisuke
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Papers (12):
  • Tomohiro Urata, Yusuke Naoi, Aixiang Jiang, Merrill Boyle, Kazutaka Sunami, Toshi Imai, Yuichiro Nawa, Yasushi Hiramatsu, Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Soichiro Fujii, et al. Distribution and clinical impact of molecular subtypes with Dark Zone signature of DLBCL in a Japanese real-world study. Blood Advances. 2023
  • Keisuke Sawada, Shuji Momose, Yosuke Iijima, Takumi Takahashi, Takahiro Kaneko, Wataru Yamamoto, Takahisa Yamashita, Morihiro Higashi, Masahiro Kizaki, Jun-ichi Tamaru. EBV-positive mucocutaneous ulcer arising in methotrexate-treated rheumatoid arthritis patients: a clinicopathological study of 12 cases with analysis of PD-L1 expression. Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hematopathology. 2023. 28. 63(2). 90-98
  • Nami Nakayama, Satoshi Nakamura, Keisuke Sawada, Yosuke Iijima, Shunsuke Hino, Takahiro Kaneko, Norio Horie. Lymphoepithelial cyst on the tongue: A case report. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Cases. 2023. 9. 2
  • 松永洸昂, 永沼謙, 多林孝之, 川田泰輔, 坂田憲幸, 髙橋康之, 木村勇太, 阿南朋恵, 三ツ橋雄之, 沢田圭佑, et al. 髄外病変を呈し3q26異常を認めた初発時慢性骨髄性白血病-急性転化期. 臨床血液. 2022. 63. 12. 1643-1647
  • Takahashi Takumi, Yamada Miki, Sawada Keisuke, Nakayama Nami, Iijima Yosuke, Hino Shunsuke, Kaneko Takahiro, Horie Norio. Repeated occurrence and recurrence of secondary oral solid cancers after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for leukaemia, long-term follow-up. Case Reports in Dentistry. 2022. 2022. 9592977. 6-6
Lectures and oral presentations  (37):
  • A case of CNS DLBCL developed 5 years after the spontaneous regression of EBVMCU following discontinuation of MTX
  • Clinicopathological analysis of 12 EBV-positive mucocutaneous ulcer cases in single institute
  • 菌状息肉症の治療後に続発したEBV陰性節外性NK/T細胞リンパ腫・鼻型と考えられた一例
    (第96回日本病理学会関東支部学術集会 2023)
  • 舌に発生したリンパ上皮性嚢胞の1例
    (第214回 日本口腔外科学会関東支部学術大会 2022)
  • 8歳男児に生じた多数の歯様硬組織を認めた集合性歯牙腫の1例
    (第34回 日本小児口腔外科学会総会・学術大会 2022)
Education (1):
  • 2016 - 2020 Saitama Medical University Graduate School, Division of Medicine Pathology
Professional career (1):
  • 医学研究科病理学専攻 (埼玉医科大学)
Awards (2):
  • 2023/11 - Japanese Division of International Academy of Pathology (JDIAP) Young Investigator Award Immunohistochemical staining patterns of p53 predict the mutational status of TP53 in oral epithelial dysplasia
  • 2021/06 - 第61回リンパ網内径学会総会 優秀演題賞 t(3;8)(q26.2;q24) を伴う Early T-cell precursor lymphoblastic leukemia の一例
Association Membership(s) (7):
The Japanese society of Clinical Cytology ,  The International Academy of Pathology Japanease Division ,  The Japanese Society of Oral Pathology ,  Japanese Society for Lymphoreticular Tissue Reserch ,  Japanese Cancer Association ,  日本病理学会 ,  日本口腔外科学会
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