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J-GLOBAL ID:201602005353877908   Reference number:60A0071315

UEber den Einfluas des Parasitenpilzes Septoria Digitalis Pass.auf die Menge der Wirkstoffe in Folium Digitalis lanatae.

ジギタリスの寄生菌,Septoria digitalis Pass.〓 Digitalis lanatae葉中の強心配糖体含量におよぼす影響の,ペーパータロマトノラフィーによる定量的考察
Author (2):
Volume: 98  Issue: 12  Page: 647-651  Publication year: 1960
JST Material Number: D0310A  CODEN: PHZEA   Document type: Article
Article type: 原著論文  Country of issue: German Democratic Republic (DDR) 

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