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J-GLOBAL ID:201602006129497756   Reference number:60A0073250

The enzymatic deamination of 6-aminopyrimidine deoxyribo nucleotides.I.The enzymatic deamination of deoxycytidine 5’-phosphate and of 5-methyldeoxycytiaine 5’-phosphate.

6-アミノピリミジンデオキシヌクレオチド類の酵素的脱アミノ反応 I ウニ卵からの酵素によるデオキシシチジン5’-ボスフェ ートと5-メチルデオキシシチジン5-ボスフェートの脱アミノ 反応
Author (1):
Volume: 235  Issue:Page: 706-713  Publication year: 1960
JST Material Number: E0038A  ISSN: 0021-9258  CODEN: JBCHA3  Document type: Article
Article type: 原著論文  Country of issue: United States (USA) 

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