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J-GLOBAL ID:201602007886140551   Reference number:68A0138250

Elastic-mathematical theory of cells and mitochon-dria in swelling process.VI.Ultrastructure of mem-brane region in egg cell of sea urchin Strongylo-centrotus purpuratus in subelastic and elastic swelling.

膨潤過程における細胞およびミトコンドリアの弾性-数理理論穰亜弾性的および弾性的膨潤におけるウニ(Stγongylocentγotus purpuγatus)の卵細胞の膜領域の微細構造
Author (1):
Volume: 150  Issue:Page: 553-562  Publication year: 1968
JST Material Number: B0207A  ISSN: 0005-2728  CODEN: BBBMBS  Document type: Article
Article type: 原著論文  Country of issue: Netherlands (NLD) 

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