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J-GLOBAL ID:201602010962474171   Reference number:68A0144426

Fractionation of Vipera ruaselli venom by gel filtra tion-II.Comparative study of yellow and white venoms of Vipera russelli with special reference to the local necrotizing and lethal actions.

Vipera russelli(マムシ)毒のゲルろ過法による分画II V.russelliの黄色および白色毒液の,特に局所壊死および壊死作用を参照とした比較
Author (2):
Volume:Issue:Page: 283-288,284(1)  Publication year: 1968
JST Material Number: C0539A  CODEN: FOSRA   Document type: Article
Article type: 原著論文  Country of issue: Germany, Federal Republic of (DEU) 

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