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J-GLOBAL ID:201602014841440771   Reference number:60A0065789

Amino acid starvation in an Escherichia coli auxotroph.II.Acid-soluble purine and pyrimidine derivatives in normal and starved cells.

Escherichia coli栄養要求株におけるアミノ酸欠乏の影響 II 正常およびアミノ酸欠乏細胞中の酸化溶性プリンおよびピリミジン誘導体の定量
Author (3):
Volume: 43  Issue:Page: 55-61  Publication year: 1960
JST Material Number: B0207A  ISSN: 0005-2728  CODEN: BBBMBS  Document type: Article
Article type: 原著論文  Country of issue: Netherlands (NLD) 

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