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Bhat Deepak Raj

Bhat Deepak Raj
Affiliation and department:
Job title: JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Research field  (1): Geotechnical engineering
Research keywords  (9): Natural disaster science ,  Field and Laboratory soil tests ,  Slope stability & Landslide ,  Clay mineralogy ,  Residual strength ,  Finite Element Method ,  Numerical Analysis ,  Creep model,Creep test (Field test and Laboratory test) ,  Soil creep,Soil creep mechanism
Papers (27):
  • Bhat, D. R, Wakai A, Kotani, K. A comparative study of two newly developed numerical models to understand the creeping behaviour of landslides. Proc. of the 20th International Summer Symposium, Hokkaido, Japan. pp. 101-102. 2018
  • Bhat, D. R, Wakai A. Investigation of Creeping Landslides along the Major Highway of Nepal Triggered by the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake. Proc. of the Research Committee on Strong Linear Phenomena of Surface Ground and its Effects at the Great Earthquake Symposium, Ground Society Association of GeoKanto, Tokyo, Japan. pp. 77-80. 2018
  • Bhat D. R, Wakai A, Kotani K. A finite element approach to understand the creeping behaviour of large-scale landslides. Proc. of the 19th International Summer Symposium, Kyushu, Japan. 2017. 9-10
  • Bhat, D. R, Yatabe, R. A Regression Model for Residual State Creep Failure. Proc. of 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering,USA. 2016. 707-711
  • Pradhan, P.M, Adhikari, R, Bhat, D.R. Assessment of buildings after Gorkha Earthquake-2015: A case study of central buildings of Kathmandu University, Nepal. Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology. 2015. 11. 2. 34-44
Books (5):
  • Effect of shearing rate on residual strength of landslide soils (Book chapter)
    Engineering Geology for Society and Territory, Volume 2, pp. 1211-1215, Springer, (ISBN: 978-3-319-09057-3) 2015
  • Shear Strength Recovery of Clayey Soils Following Discontinuation of Shear at a Residual State (Book chapter)
    Landslide Science for a Safer Geo-Environment, Volume 1, pp. 303-308, Springer, (ISBN: 978-3-319-04999-1) 2014
  • Method of Residual-state creep test to understand the creeping behavior of landslide soils (Book chapter)
    Landslide Science and Practice, Volume 2: Early Warning, Instrumentation and Monitoring, pp. 635-642, Springer, (ISBN: 978-3-642-31445-2) 2013
  • Creep behavior of clayey soils in residual-state of shear (Book chapter)
    Landslides and Engineered Slopes, Volume 1: Protecting Society through Improved Understanding, pp. 995-1000, Taylor & Francis, (ISBN-13: 978-0415621236) 2012
  • An experimental study to understand the creeping displacement behavior of landslides soils in residual-state of shear (Book chapter)
    Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization 4, Volume 1, pp. 777-782,Taylor & Francis, (ISBN 978-0-415-66069-3) 2012
Lectures and oral presentations  (20):
  • Creeping Landslides Triggered by the April 2015 Nepal Earthquake and Aftershocks: Case Studies.
    (Proc. of 57th Annual Meeting of Japan Landslide Society, Niigata, Japan. pp. 117-118. 2018)
  • A trial study on simulation of hysteretic relationships between pore water pressure acted on slip surface and displacement rate of sliding body based on the finite element analysis.
    (Proc. of 57th Annual Meeting of Japan Landslide Society, Niigata, Japan. pp. 161-162. 2018)
  • Numerical Simulation of a Creeping Landslide: A Case Study.
    (Proc. of the 53th National convention of Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS), Japan, E-13(1050), pp. 2109-2110. 2018)
  • A parameric numerical study of creeping landslides.
    (Proc. of the 53th National convention of Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS), Japan, E-13(1056), pp. 2097-2098. 2018)
  • Observation of Creeping Landslides Caused by the 2015 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake and Aftershocks.
    (International Conference for the Decade Memory of the Wenchuan Earthquake with the 4th International Conference on Continental Earthquakes, China. 2018)
Education (3):
  • - 2014 Ehime University Doctoral Degree in Engineering (Civil/Geotechnical Engineering)
  • - 2011 Ehime University Master Degree in Civil Engineering (Geotechnical Engineering)
  • - 2007 Pokhara University, Nepal Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering
Professional career (1):
  • Doctoral Degree in Engineering (Civil/Geotechnical Engineering) (Ehime University)
Work history (4):
  • 2016/10 - 現在 Graduate School of Science and Technology, Gunma University, Japan Geotechnical Engineering Research Lab. JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • 2015/02 - 2016/10 Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering, Shool of Engineering, Kathmandu University,Nepal Lecturer
  • 2014/11 - 2016/10 Msc in Earthquake Engineering, Thapathali Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Lecturer (Visiting)
  • 2014/11 - 2015/03 Msc in Geotechnical Engineering, Pulchok Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal Lecturer
Awards (13):
  • 2016/10 - Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan Fellow: “JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow”
  • 2016/07 - University Grants Commission (UGC), Nepal Travel Grant: “Travel Grant -2016”
  • 2016/05 - Kathmandu University, Nepal Travel Grant: “Travel Grant -2016”
  • 2015/12 - from the Honorable Prime Minister of Nepal, NAST, Nepal Award: “Young Scientist Award-2015”
  • 2015/08 - from the Honorable President of Nepal, President office, Nepal Award: “Gold Medal-A (Nepal Bidyabusan Kha)”
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Association Membership(s) (6):
The Japan Landslide Society ,  Japan Society of Civil Engineers ,  Japanese Geotechnical Society ,  Nepal Geotechnical Society ,  Nepal Engineers Association ,  Nepal Engineering Council
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