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Hiroshi Moritani

モリタニ ヒロシ | Hiroshi Moritani
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 講師
Research field  (1): Foreign language education
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2017 - 2020 大学英語教育における外国人教師の主観的役割認識とその形成要因に関する研究
Papers (12):
  • Moritani, Hiroshi. Exploring the Role Perceptions of University English Teachers: A Comparison Between Japanese and Non-Japanese Teachers. 広島経済大学研究論集. 2020. 42. 3. 51-65
  • 森谷 浩士. 大学英語教師の役割認識に関する探索的研究 -質的データの分析から得られた研究方法論への示唆-. 『複数の「感覚・言語・文化」のインターフェイス』(広島市立大学国際学部叢書). 2019. 125-140
  • MORITANI Hiroshi. Non-Japanese University English Teachers' Perceptions of Their Professional Roles : Constructing a Hypothesis Model with the Modified Grounded Theory Approach. 大学英語教育学会中国・四国支部研究紀要 = JACET Chugoku-Shikoku Chapter research bulletin. 2019. 16. 49-66
  • Moritani Hiroshi, Iwai Chiaki. A Multiple Case Study on the Role Perceptions of English as a Foreign Language Teachers at Japanese Universities. 広島経済大学研究論集. 2018. 41. 2. 55-70
  • Moritani Hiroshi. Reflecting on Teacher Roles Using Visual Methods. Language Teaching in a Global Age: Shaping the Classroom, Shaping the World. Tokyo: JALT. 2018. 1-7
MISC (2):
  • MANNING Craig, MORITANI, Hiroshi. Motivational profiles of Japanese university learners of English: A longitudinal study continued. In W. Finke (ed.), Geolinguistic Studies in Language Contact, Conflict, and Development: Language Education. ASG publications. 2018. 20-30
  • MORITANI Hiroshi. A Preliminary Investigation Into the Role Identities of Non-Japanese English Teachers at Japanese Universities. 大学英語教育学会中国・四国支部研究紀要 = JACET Chugoku-Shikoku Chapter research bulletin. 2018. 15. 143-157
Lectures and oral presentations  (18):
  • Japanese English Teachers' Role Identities
    (JALT 2018 44th Annual International Conference 2018)
  • Non-Japanese English teachers' construction of professional role identities
    (The 57th JACET International Convention 2018)
  • 大学英語教員の教師アイデンティティーに関する質的研究
    (2018年度JACET中国・四国支部春季研究大会 2018)
  • Motivational Profiles of Japanese University Learners of English: A Longitudinal Study Continued
    (The 4th international conference, American Society of Geolinguistics in Tokyo 2018 2018)
  • Reflecting on Teacher Role Using Mind Maps
    (JALT 43rd Annual International Conference 2017)
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