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Tsutsumi Masahiko

ツツミ マサヒコ | Tsutsumi Masahiko
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Advisor to the Director General for Policy Planning
Research keywords  (6): 地域研究(アジア) ,  CGE) ,  and Quantitative Analysis by CGE and Macroeconomic Models ,  Regional Economy in Japan and Asia ,  Development Economics ,  International Economics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2013 - 現在 世界EPA研究コンソーシアム(Global EPAs Research Consortium)
Papers (68):
  • 堤 雅彦. 「中部社研 地域力指標(仮称)」開発に係るOECDとの意見交換実施についての報告(後半). 調査季報『中部圏研究』. 2019. 207. 2-9
  • Masahiko Tsutsumi. Comment on “Evaluating the Impact of the US-China Trade War (forthcoming). Asian Economic Policy Review. 2019. 15. 1
  • 堤 雅彦. 「中部社研 地域力指標(仮称)」開発に係るOECDとの意見交換実施についての報告(前半). 中部社研経済レポート. 2019. 206. 66-73
  • Masahiko Tsutsumi. Securing Economic Security and Safety in the Era of Population Decline. 2019
  • Masahiko Tsutsumi. The Economic Consequences of the US-China Trade War. Chubu research quarterly. 2018. 205. 27-38
Books (29):
  • 『日EU・EPA等の経済効果分析』 (共編著)
    内閣官房TPP等政府対策本部 2017
  • 『政策課題分析シリーズ11 公共施設等改革による経済・財政効果について-学校等の公共施設の集約・複合化による財政効果試算、公共サービスの「ソフト化」-』 (編著)
    内閣府 2017
  • 『政策課題分析シリーズ12 公立病院経営の現状と小規模公立病院の経営課題-持続可能な地域の医療提供体制の確立へ向けて-』 (編著)
    内閣府 2017
  • 『政策課題分析シリーズ13 調剤・薬剤費の費用構造や動向等に関する分析-薬剤費と医薬品開発-』 (編著)
    内閣府 2017
  • 『政策課題分析シリーズ14 調剤・薬剤費の費用構造や動向等に関する分析-調剤技術料の形成過程と薬局機能-』 (編著)
    内閣府 2017
Lectures and oral presentations  (9):
  • The Economic Consequences of the 2018 US-China Trade Conflict: A CGE Simulation Analysis
    (the 22nd Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis -Challenges to Global, Social, and Economic Growth 2019)
  • Who supports a Consumption Tax Hike in Japan?
    (the Fiscal Reform: Lessons from Japan 2019)
  • Comment on “Evaluating the Impact of the US-China Trade War” (by Professor Ken Itakura)
    (the Twenty Sixth AEPR Conference 2019)
  • Analysis of the Economic Impact of the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
    (the Unofficial Meeting on the Japan-EU EPA 2019)
  • Comment on “Housing Prices and Demographic Structure in Korea” (by Professor Cheolbeom Park)
    (the December Seminar on Aging and Demographic Changes in China, Korea, and Japan 2018)
Education (4):
  • - 2002 Columbia University
  • - 2001 Columbia University
  • - 1994 Keio University
  • - 1992 Keio University
Professional career (3):
  • Master of Regional Studies (Columbia University)
  • Master of International Affairs (Columbia University)
  • Master of Arts in Economics (Keio University)
Work history (16):
  • 2017/09/01 - 現在 Hitotsubashi University Institute of Economic Research Center for Intergenerational Studies Associate Professor
  • 2017/09/01 - 現在 the Cabinet Secretariat, the Government of Japan Government Headquarters for the TPP Advisor to the Director General for Policy Planning
  • 2015/11/01 - 2017/08/31 the Cabinet Secretariat, the Government of Japan. *Acting Director from November 2015 to March 2016. for Japan Economic Revitalization Bureau, and for Headquarters for Overcoming Population Decline and Vitalizing Local Economy Director for Regional Economies and for Policy Analysis, Director General for Economic Assessment and Policy Analysis, the Cabinet Office, and Director for Government Headquarters for the TPP
  • 2014/10/01 - 2015/10/31 the Government of Japan the Cabinet Secretariat Government Headquarters for the TPP
  • 2014/10/01 - 2015/10/31 the Cabinet Office, the Government of Japan Director General for Economic, Fiscal and Social Structure Counsellor for Policy Planning
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Association Membership(s) (2):
Japanease Economic Association ,  The Japan Society of International Economics
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