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Matsumoto Tomoya

マツモト トモヤ | Matsumoto Tomoya
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 教授
Research field  (1): Economic policy
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (19):
  • 2023 - 2026 マラリア感染対策を促す政策ツールの開発:医学・経済学の知見に基づく介入実験
  • 2021 - 2026 Integrated Sciences for Sustainable Human-Aqua Environment
  • 2021 - 2026 Empirical Microeconomics Research for Sustainable Water Governance
  • 2023 - 2024 コロナ後の途上国:経済復興と電子マネー
  • 2022 - 2023 コロナ禍の途上国貧困層の暮しと復興過程:モバイルマネーを通じた家族の繋がりの検証(継続)
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Papers (34):
  • Tomoya Matsumoto, Masaru Nagashima, Wataru Kagaya, James Kongere, Jesse Gitaka, Akira Kaneko. Evaluation of a financial incentive intervention on malaria prevalence among the residents in Lake Victoria basin, Kenya: study protocol for a cluster-randomized controlled trial. Trials. 2024
  • Tomoya Matsumoto, Ggombe Kasim Munyegera. Mobile Revolution and Rural Development. Agricultural Development in Asia and Africa: Essays in Honor of Keijiro Otsuka. 2023. 231-242
  • Rayner Tabetando, Tomoya Matsumoto, Djomo Choumbou Raoul Fani. Mobile Money, Agricultural Intensification, and Household Welfare: Panel Evidence from Rural Uganda. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 2022. 54. 3. 515-530
  • Fukumori Keiko, Arai Ayumi, Matsumoto Tomoya. Risk Management for Smallholder Farmers: An Empirical Study on the Adoption of Weather-Index Crop Insurance in Rural Kenya. JICA Ogata Research InstituteWorking Paper. 2022. 230. 1-35
  • Kohei MAKITA, Munenobu IKEGAMI, Tomoya MATSUMOTO. Improving the Livelihood of Livestock and Farmers and Public Health in Developing Countries through the Provision of Solutions for the Various Risks They Face. Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly: JARQ. 2021. 55. Special. 533-541
MISC (4):
  • Tomoya Matsumoto. Fieldwork under the COVID-19 Pandemic. 2022. 5. 5-11
  • 松本 朋哉. モバイル革命と東アフリカ農村の変貌 (特集 アフリカ農村開発の新機軸). アジ研ワールド・トレンド. 2015. 21. 9. 21-25
  • MATSUMOTO Tomoya, YAMANO Takashi, SSERUNKUUMA Dick. Technology Adoption and Dissemination in Agriculture: Evidence from Sequential Intervention in Maize Production in Uganda. GRIPS Discussion Papers. 2013. 13
  • MATSUMOTO Tomoya, YAMANO Takashi. The Impacts of Fertilizer Credit on Crop Production and Income in Ethiopia. GRIPS Discussion Papers. 2010. 10
Books (2):
  • 次世代の実証経済学
    日本評論社 2023 ISBN:4535540500
  • 貧困と経済発展 : アジアの経験とアフリカの現状
    東洋経済新報社 2007 ISBN:9784492443446
Lectures and oral presentations  (21):
  • An economic intervention for anti-malarial behavior among the residents in Lake Victoria basin, Kenya
    (Joint Congress on Global Health 2023 2023)
  • Experimental intervention for behavioral change for malaria elimination
    (International Workshop on “Malaria: Past, Present, and Future” 2023)
  • Economic aspects of malaria control/elimination
    (Africa International Biotechnology and Biomedical Conference workshop 2023)
  • Economic intervention for behavioral change for malaria elimination
    (Africa symposium: Acceleration of the malaria elimination in tropical Africa: the post-COVID-19 pandemic challenges 2022)
  • Mobile Money Remittances to Cope with Aggregate Shocks: Urban Migrants and Rural Families under the COVID-19 Lockdown in Bangladesh
    (Summer Workshop on Economic Theory 2022)
Education (1):
  • University of Southern California
Professional career (1):
  • Ph.D. (University of Southern California)
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