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Affiliation and department:
Job title: 講師
Papers (4):
Lectures and oral presentations  (16):
  • Usefulness of Music for Preterm Infants
    (he 7th Asian Symposium on Healthcare Without Borders March 28-29, 2020 in Osaka, Japan 2020)
  • A literature review on care to reduce pain during vaccine injections in infants
    (The 5th Asian Symposium on Healthcare Without Borders - December 20-21, 2017 in Hiroshima, Japan 2017)
  • A literature review on the effects of the concomitant use of pacifiers and music provided as developmental care for premature infants
    (International Conference on Advancing the Life Sciences and Public Health Awareness, Nagoya 2016)
  • 早期産児の踵採血におけるおしゃぶりと音楽療法(ブラームスの子守唄)の効果
    (第25回 日本新生児看護学会学術集会,岩手 2015)
  • The noise level in the NICU and newborn nursery
    (The Asian Symposium on Health Informatics and Nursing Education, Hiroshima 2015)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(看護学) (広島大学医歯薬保健学研究科)
Work history (1):
  • 2017/04 - 現在 The University of Human Environments
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