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AIST-MeRAM: Multi-purpose Ecological Risk Assessment and Management Tool

AIST-MeRAM: 汎用生態リスク評価管理ツール
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Tag (subject)  (3): Chemical compound ,  Organism ,  Health/Disease
Tag (data type)  (3): Environment ,  Method ,  Bibliography/Documents
Species (6): Actinopterygii (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 7898) ,  Chondrichthyes (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 7777) ,  Crustacea (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 6657) ,  Rhodophyta (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 2763) ,  Chlorophyta (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 3041) ,  Phaeophyceae (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 2870)
MeRAM is a free, user-friendly software for ecological risk assessment/management of chemicals substances. By installing MeRAM on a computer, users can perform assessment with only a few mouse clicks - ranging from initial risk assessment to high level risk assessment using species sensitivity distribution and population-level effect models. MeRAM contains not only the assessment methodologies, but also the necessary toxicity test data on approximately 3900 substances (190,000 data). In addition, the sample dataset for exposure assessment and toxicity assessment is included thereby users can thus use the tool even if users don’t have data at hand or expertise in ecological risk assessment and statistical analysis. Users can use it on Windows PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10).
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