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TRIP Database

TRIP Database
Owning Organization:
  • Department of Physiology, Seoul National University College of Medicine & Department of Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Myongji University
Resource classification: Data,Database
Tag (subject)  (2): Protein ,  Health/Disease
Tag (data type)  (2): Interaction/Pathway ,  Image/Movie
Species (3): Homo sapiens (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 9606) ,  Mus musculus (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 10090) ,  Rattus norvegicus (NCBI Taxonomy ID: 10116)
TRIP Database is a manually curated database of protein-protein interactions (PPI) for mammalian transient receptor potential (TRP) channels. It provides 4 categories of PPI data, which are screening, validation, characterization, and functional consequence. There are many links to useful external databases for the purpose of providing information of sequence data, related diseases, etc.
Source: NBDC
Record maintainer: Integbio Database Catalog
Record license: Creative Commons CC0 license

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