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Tatsuro Sato

Tatsuro Sato
Affiliation and department:
Papers (17):
  • Itsukushima Rei, Ogahara Yohei, Iwanaga Yuki, Sato Tatsuro. Investigating the Influence of Various Stormwater Runoff Control Facilities on Runoff Control Efficiency in a Small Catchment Area. SUSTAINABILITY. 2018. 10. 2
  • 厳島 怜, 大槻 順朗, 佐藤 辰郎, 田中 亘. SEDIMENT PROPERTIES IN STEEP STREAM ASSOCIATED WITH THE SEDIMENT REPLENISHMENT BY CHECK DAM DRAIN OUTLET OPENING. 水工学論文集 Annual journal of Hydraulic Engineering, JSCE. 2018. 62. I_913-918
  • IDE Jun'ichiro, SHIMATANI Yukihiro, SATO Tatsuro, FUJIWARA Takahiro, FUSE Kengo, KIKUCHI Azusa, YOKOTA Fumihiko, Isa M. Alhaqurahman, Rahadian Faisal, Tjia Yen Fei. Current status and issues on sustained management and operations of micro hydropower generation in the remote area in Indonesia: a case study in the Ciptagelar village . JOURNAL OF JAPAN SOCIETY OF HYDROLOGY AND WATER RESOURCES. 2018. 31. 4. 262-269
  • Sato Tatsuro, Ide Jun'ichiro, Isa M. Alhaqurahman, Rahadian Faisal, Fujimoto Tokihiko, Shimatani Yukihiro. A Challenge for Sustainable Electrification, Respecting the Local Tradition in Ciptagelar Village, West Java, Indonesia: Complementary Approach with a Private Company. Energy Procedia. 2017. 141. 368-372
  • ITSUKUSHIMA Rei, SATO Tatsuro, NISHIDA Kento, MASAGO Yuki, SAKATA Tomonori, SHIMATANI Yukihiro. Existing knowledge about step-pool structures and their application to river engineering in mountain rivers. ECE. 2017. 19. 2. 165-180
MISC (1):
  • Kasahara Tamao, Sun Haotian, Sato Tatsuro. Geology, Morphology and Stream-Groundwater Exchange in Steep Headwater Streams. The Japanese Forest Society Congress. 2015. 126. 0
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