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Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Rehabilitation science
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 2019 - 2022 脳卒中患者の潜在的運動イメージを顕在化させる評価・訓練手法の開発
  • 2018 - 2021 脳卒中リハビリにおける運動イメージ訓練開発のための経時的脳機能計測
  • 2015 - 2019 運動障害・精神障害リハビリにおける運動イメージ訓練開発のための基礎的・臨床的検討
  • 発達期および障害回復期における神経回路の再編成機構
Papers (32):
  • 清水恵, 河田萌生, 大橋由基, 原田祐輔, 鈴木優喜子, 久篠奈苗, 下田信明, 尾﨑章子. 在宅療養および施設入居要介護高齢者への栄養士の個別訪問を含む多職種による栄養サポートの効果 システマティックレビューとメタアナリシス. 日本在宅ケア学会誌. 2021. 24. 42-51
  • Izumi Nagashima, Kotaro Takeda, Yusuke Harada, Hideki Mochizuki, Nobuaki Shimoda. Age-related differences in strategy in the hand mental rotation task. Front. Hum. Neurosci. 2021. 10
  • 鈴木 優喜子, 原田祐輔, 下田信明, 望月秀樹. 視空間認知障害に対する介入方法とその効果:国内文献 データベースに基づく文献レビュー. 理学療法科学. 2020. 35. 251-255
  • Izumi Nagashima, Kotaro Takeda, Nobuaki Shimoda, Yusuke Harada, Hideki Mochizuki. Variation in Performance Strategies of a Hand Mental Rotation Task on Elderly. FRONTIERS IN HUMAN NEUROSCIENCE. 2019. 13. 252
  • Yukiko SUZUKI, Koji TERUYA, Hideki MOCHIZUKI, Akira NAGASAWA, Tomoko KONDO, Nobuaki SHIMODA. Evaluation of activities of daily living/instrumental activities of daily living to accurately determine severity of moderate and severe Alzheimer’s disease: Comparison of assessments by receiver operating characteristic curve and discriminant analyses. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders Extra. 2019. 9. 227-235
MISC (11):
Books (38):
  • 日常生活活動(日常生活動作)の評価.図解作業療法技術ガイド第4 版
  • リハビリテーション管理学
  • PT・OTのための臨床実習の鉄則
  • リーチ,把握,物品操作の障害を有する患者の臨床的管理.モーターコントロ-ル原著第5版
  • リハビリテーション基礎評価学第2版
Lectures and oral presentations  (19):
  • Difference in the appearance frequency of qualitative error types in the clock-drawing test between fall patients and non-fall patients among patients with Alzheimer's disease
    (13th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2019)
  • Sex differences of behavioral ability in mental rotation tasks of hand pictures
    (16th World Congress of Occupational Therapists 2014)
  • Motor imagery in mental rotation of hands in left- and right-handers: a behavioral and near-infrared spectroscopy study
    (Society for Neuroscience 39th Annual Meeting 2009)
  • Longitudinal NIRS study on motor-functional recovery after hemiparetic stroke
    (Society for Neuroscience 38th Annual Meeting 2008)
  • Evaluation of Cerebral Activity in Weight Bearing of the Lower Limb with Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS)
    (10th International Congress of the Asian Confederation for Physical Therapy 2008)
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