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Mitsuyuki Taiga

Mitsuyuki Taiga
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Associate Professor
Research field  (1): Marine and maritime engineering
Research keywords  (3): Naval architecture ,  System engineering ,  Design enginnering
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2017 - 2020 ベイジアンネットワークによるソフトウエア要求仕様の確率的リスク評価に関する研究
  • 2017 - 2019 IoT技術導入による複数工場間連携プロジェクトの設計に関する研究
  • 2015 - 2018 リアルオプション分析を用いた船舶設計の意思決定の高度化に関する研究
Papers (78):
  • Satoru Nakamura, Hiroyuki Yamato, Kazuo Hiekata, Taiga Mitsuyuki. Development of System to Support Analysis of Historical Materials by use of Digital Archive and Linked Data. Japanese Journal of Digital Humanities. 2019. 1. 29-43
  • Yoshiaki Oida, Kazuo Hiekata, Taiga Mitsuyuki, Hiroki Kamba, Isaac Okada. Development of presentation slide retrieval system based on visual information. Journal of Industrial Information Integration. 2018. 12. 3-12
  • 稗方和夫, 満行泰河, 王汝佳. 手戻りを含むプロジェクトのシミュレーションモデルに関する研究. 人工知能学会第2種研究会(SIG-KST). 2018. SIG-KST-035-04
  • Kazuo Hiekata, Taiga Mitsuyuki, Kensuke Uno. Decision Support for Information Technology Introduction by Systems Approach. Proc. of the 25th ISPE Inc. International Conference on Transdisciplinary Engineering. 2018. 652-661
  • Shinnosuke Wanaka, Kazuo Hiekata, Taiga Mitsuyuki. Alternative fuels for shipping: A study on the evaluation of interdependent options for mutual stakeholders. Marine Design XIII (Proc. of 13th International Marine Design Conference). 2018. 2. 931-939
Patents (2):
Education (3):
  • 2011 - 2014 The University of Tokyo Human & Engineered Environmental Studies
  • 2009 - 2011 The University of Tokyo Human & Engineered Environmental Studies
  • 2005 - 2009 The University of Tokyo Systems Innovation
Work history (3):
  • 2018/04 - 現在 Yokohama National University Associate Professor
  • 2015/05 - 2018/03 The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering Assistant Professor
  • 2014/04 - 2015/03 The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences Assistant Professor
Committee career (1):
  • 2014/04 - 2015/06 IMDC2015(International Marine Design Conference) 国内委員
Awards (3):
  • 2017/05 - The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE) Best Paper Award for the Youth (Inui Award) Study on Installation of Production Facilities Using Shipbuilding Process Simulation
  • 2016/10 - 7th PAAMES Advanced Maritime Engineering Conference Best paper award Development of Hull Form Design Assist System integrating Tank Test Database, CFD Database and Knowledge Base
  • 2011/03 - The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers (JASNAOE) JASNAOE Scholarship Award A Study on Analysis of Team Working Process using the Information of Worker's Location
Association Membership(s) (3):
The Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers ,  The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers ,  Information Processing Society of Japan
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