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Tomoko Saotome

サオトメ トモコ | Tomoko Saotome
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Senior chief researcher
Research field  (1): Obstetrics and gynecology
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2020 - 2023 Establishment of a nurse-led smear-taker system to improve cervical cancer screening uptake in Japan
Papers (5):
  • Shoko Konishi, Tomoko T. Saotome, Keiko Shimizu, Mari S. Oba, Kathleen A. O'Connor. Coital Frequency and the Probability of Pregnancy in Couples Trying to Conceive Their First Child: A Prospective Cohort Study in Japan. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH. 2020. 17. 14
  • Tomoko Tanaka Saotome, Keiko Yonezawa, Nobuhiko Suganuma. Sexual Dysfunction and Satisfaction in Japanese Couples During Pregnancy and Postpartum. Sexual medicine. 2018. 6. 4. 348-355
  • Tomoko Saotome. The reality of sexuality for teenage girls in Japan. Japan Medical Association Journal. 2010
  • Tomoko Saotome, Shigeki Minoura, Keiko Terashi, Takashi Satoh, Hirotoshi Echizen and, Takashi Ishizaki. Labetalol in hypertension during the third trimester of pregnancy:its anti hypertensive effect and pharmacokinetic-dynamic analysis. The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. 1994
  • Hirotoshi Echizen, Mari Nakamura, Tomoko Saotome, Shigeki Minoura and Takashi Ishizaki. Plasma protein binding of disopyramide in pregnant and postpartum women,and in neonates and their mothers. british journal of clinical pharmacology. 1990
MISC (11):
  • Nami Tanaka, Tomoko Saotome. Sexuality of Japanese Women During Pregnancy and Postpartum Within the COVID-19 Pandemic. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEXUAL HEALTH. 2022. 34. 195-195
  • Masayoshi Yanagida, Tomoko Saotome. 12 Years Progress of World Sexual Health Day in Tokyo. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEXUAL HEALTH. 2022. 34. 223-224
  • Maki Hirayama, Dariusz P. Skowronski, Tomoko Saotome. Female Sexual Function of the Japanese Women and the Influencing Factors-Analysis with the Focus of Social Relationships and Social Conditions. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEXUAL HEALTH. 2019. 31. A440-A441
  • Tomoko Saotome. The Multinational Comparative Analysis in the Sexuality of Young Adults - Including Japan, Poland, USA and German Speaking Countries (WAS Scientific Committee Symposium). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEXUAL HEALTH. 2019. 31. A103-A103
  • Tomoko Saotome. How Clitoral Disorders are Researched Historically. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SEXUAL HEALTH. 2019. 31. A21-A22
Association Membership(s) (4):
日本産科婦人科学会 ,  日本人口学会 ,  日本生命倫理学会 ,  Japan Society of Sexual Science
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