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yasufumi nishikawa

ニシカワ ヤスフミ | yasufumi nishikawa
Affiliation and department:
Job title: assistant professor
Research field  (1): Oral medicine (pathology)
Research keywords  (4): Peri-implantitis ,  歯周病 ,  口腔インプラント ,  糖尿病
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (6):
  • 2023 - 2026 インプラント周囲炎の病態形成におけるS100蛋白とCandidalysinの影響に関する研究
  • 2022 - 2025 老齢性テストステロン低下とAGE上昇に着目した糖尿病関連歯周炎の治療戦略
  • 2022 - 糖尿病患者のインプラント周囲炎の病態形成におけるCandida albicansの影響に関する研究
  • 2019 - 2020 Effects of high glucose on production of calprotectin-induced inflammation related molecules in human gingival fibroblasts.
  • 2018 - 糖尿病関連歯周炎の病態形成機序の解明 -高グルコース状態がカルプロテクチン誘導性炎症関連因子の産生に及ぼす影響について
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Papers (16):
  • Yasufumi Nishikawa, Yoritoki Tomotake, Hiromichi Kawano, Koji Naruishi, Jun-ichi Kido, Yuka Hiroshima, Akikazu Murakami, Tetsuo Ichikawa, Hiromichi Yumoto. Effects of Candidalysin Derived from Candida albicans on the Expression of Pro-Inflammatory Mediators in Human Gingival Fibroblasts. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2023. 24. 4. 3256-3256
  • Rie Kido, Jun-Ichi Kido, Yasufumi Nishikawa, Eijiro Sakamoto, Yoritoki Tomotake, Hiromichi Yumoto. Diagnosis of inflammatory peri-implant diseases using an immunochromatographic assay for calprotectin in peri-implant crevicular fluid. International journal of implant dentistry. 2021. 7. 1. 106-106
  • Yuji Inagaki, Jun-Ichi Kido, Yasufumi Nishikawa, Rie Kido, Eijiro Sakamoto, Mika Bando, Koji Naruishi, Toshihiko Nagata, Hiromichi Yumoto. Gan-Lu-Yin (Kanroin), Traditional Chinese Herbal Extracts, Reduces Osteoclast Differentiation In Vitro and Prevents Alveolar Bone Resorption in Rat Experimental Periodontitis. Journal of clinical medicine. 2021. 10. 3
  • 友竹偉則, 川野弘道, 西川泰史, 武川香織, 富永賢, 市川哲雄. Clinical Statistical Study of New Patients in Oral Implant Center at Tokushima University Hospital. Journal of Oral Health and Biosciences. 2021. 33. 2
  • Eijiro Sakamoto, Yuka Hiroshima, Jun-ichi Kido, Yasufumi Nishikawa, Koji Naruishi, Rie Kido, Hiromichi Yumoto. Various roles of calprotectin in periodontal disease and its possibility as a diagnostic marker for periodontal disease. Nihon Shishubyo Gakkai Kaishi (Journal of the Japanese Society of Periodontology). 2020. 62. 4. 193-199
MISC (12):
Lectures and oral presentations  (42):
  • An appropriate therapeutic intervention for oral implants in patients undergoing perioperative oral management.
  • Effect of high glucose conditions on candidalysin-induced inflammation-related molecules in human gingival fibroblasts
  • ヒト歯肉線維芽細胞におけるCandidalysin誘導性ROSの産生性とその作用について
    (四国歯学会 第62回例会 2023)
  • A case of improvement in cleanability of peri-implant mucosa by free gingival graft
  • The Effectiveness of Various Toothbrushes on Plaque Removal in the Elderly
Professional career (1):
  • phD (The University of Tokushima)
Awards (3):
  • 2022/09 - Japanese Society of Oral Implantology 優秀論文賞 Diagnosis of inflammatory peri-implant diseases using an immunochromatographic assay for calprotectin in peri-implant crevicular fluid
  • 2021/12 - 公益社団法人日本口腔インプラント学会 優秀ポスター賞 固定性から可撤性へのインプラント上部構造の補綴的介入による心理的・機能的変化
  • 2016/05 - 徳島大学 口腔科学教育部研究奨励賞 カルプロテクチンがヒト歯肉線維芽細胞の炎症関連因子の発現に及ぼす 影響
Association Membership(s) (4):
Shikoku Society of Dental Research ,  日本口腔インプラント学会 ,  日本歯科保存学会 ,  日本歯周病学会
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