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Hiroya Tanaka

Hiroya Tanaka
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): General applied physics ,  Communication/Network engineering
Papers (31):
  • Funayama Keita, Tanaka Hiroya, Hirotani Jun, Shimaoka Keiichi, Ohno Yutaka, Tadokoro Yukihiro. Noise Modeling in Field Emission and Evaluation of the Nano-Receiver in Terms of Temperature. IEEE ACCESS. 2019. 7. 57820-57828
  • Shintaro Hiraoka, Yasuo Nakashima, Takaya Yamazato, Shintaro Arai, Yukihiro Tadokoro, Hiroya Tanaka. Interference-Aided Detection of Subthreshold Signal Using Beam Control in Polarization Diversity Reception. IEEE Communications Letters. 2018. 22. 9. 1926-1929
  • Tadokoro Yukihiro, Tanaka Hiroya, Dykman M. I. Driven nonlinear nanomechanical resonators as digital signal detectors. Scientific Reports. 2018. 8
  • H. Tanaka, I. Takai, H. Fujikawa, H. Iizuka. Nearly Polarization-Independent Angular Filters Consisting of One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals Realized in The Visible Region. Journal of Lightwave Technology. 2018. 36. 12. 2517-2523
  • Y. Tadokoro, K. Funayama, H. Tanaka. Noise-enhanced field emission current from a carbon nanotube cantilever. Electronics Letters. 2018. 54. 12. 770-772
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