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Papers (4):
  • Teraishi M, Nakajima K, Ishimoto T, Yamamoto M, Maeda N, Muro Y, Sano S. Anti-transcription intermediary factor 1γ antibody titer correlates with clinical symptoms in a patient with recurrent dermatomyositis associated with ovarian cancer. International journal of rheumatic diseases. 2018. 21. 4. 900-902
  • Teraishi M, Takaishi M, Nakajima K, Ikeda M, Higashi Y, Shimoda S, Asada Y, Hijikata A, Ohara O, Hiraki Y, Mizuno S, Fukada T, Furukawa T, Wakamatsu N, Sano S. Critical involvement of ZEB2 in collagen fibrillogenesis: the molecular similarity between Mowat-Wilson syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Scientific reports. 2017. 7. 46565
  • Nakajima H, Teraishi M, Tarutani M, Sano S. High prevalence of coinfection with mucosal high-risk type HPV (HR-HPV) and cutaneous HR-HPV in Bowen's disease in the fingers. Journal of dermatological science. 2010. 60. 1. 50-52
  • Ujihara M, Nakajima K, Yamamoto M, Teraishi M, Uchida Y, Akiyama M, Shimizu H, Sano S. Epidermal triglyceride levels are correlated with severity of ichthyosis in Dorfman-Chanarin syndrome. Journal of dermatological science. 2010. 57. 2. 102-107
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