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クラタニ マイ | KURATANI Mai
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Papers (1):
  • Katagiri T, Tsukamoto S, Kuratani M. Accumulated knowledge of activin receptor-like kinase 2 (ALK2)/activin A receptor, type 1 (ACVR1) as a target for human disorders. Biomedicines. 2021. 9. 736
Patents (1):
  • ヒトのBMPシグナルを反映するマウスモデル
Lectures and oral presentations  (4):
  • ALK2受容体を介したリガンド依存的なBMPシグナルの活性化と抗ALK2抗体によるシグナル阻害の機序
    (第39回日本骨代謝学会学術集会 2021)
  • マウス骨格筋における異所性石灰化モデルの確立と解析
    (第39回日本骨代謝学会学術集会 2021)
  • Establishment of an in vivo model of ectopic calcification in mouse skeletal muscle
    (ASBMR 2021 Annual meeting 2021)
  • Molecular mechanisms of the activation of BMP signaling by ligands through ALK2/ACVR1 receptor and the inhibition of signaling by an anti-ALK2/ACVR1 antibody
    (ASBMR 2021 Annual meeting 2021)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(学術) (広島大学)
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