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Nobuyuki Aiba

Nobuyuki Aiba
Papers (62):
  • Honda M., Satake S., Suzuki Y., Matsunaga G., Shinohara K., Aiba N., Yoshida M., Ide S. Effects of the applied magnetic fields with various toroidal phase differences on the neoclassical toroidal viscosity in JT-60SA. NUCLEAR FUSION. 2018. 58. 11
  • Bierwage Andreas, Shinohara Kouji, Todo Yasushi, Aiba Nobuyuki, Ishikawa Masao, Matsunaga Go, Takechi Manabu, Yagi Masatoshi. Simulations tackle abrupt massive migrations of energetic beam ions in a tokamak plasma. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS. 2018. 9
  • Analysis of ELM stability with extended MHD models in JET, JT-60U and future JT-60SA tokamak plasmas. PLASMA PHYSICS AND CONTROLLED FUSION. 2018. 60. 1
  • Numerical analysis of ELM stability with rotation and ion diamagnetic drift effects in JET. NUCLEAR FUSION. 2017. 57. 12
  • Honda M., Satake S., Suzuki Y., Shinohara K., Yoshida M., Narita E., Nakata M., Aiba N., Shiraishi J., Hayashi N., Matsunaga G., Matsuyama A., Ide S. Predictions of toroidal rotation and torque sources arising in non-axisymmetric perturbed magnetic fields in tokamaks. NUCLEAR FUSION. 2017. 57. 11
MISC (24):
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