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Maly Elizabeth

Maly Elizabeth
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Architectural and city planning
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2013 - 2015 International Comparison of Post-Disaster Transitional Housing
Papers (28):
  • Tomoko Matsushita, Yegane Ghezelloo, Elizabeth Maly, Tamiyo Kondo, Michelle Meyer, Galen Newman. Placemaking Mediating Dilemmas by Addressing the Gaps in Post-Disaster Recovery Process:Long-term Citizen-driven Place-nurturing in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 2024. 104457-104457
  • Yegane Ghezelloo, Ryuta Hara, Miku Okuba, Elizabeth Maly, Nobuyuki Arai, Tamiyo Kondo. Post-displacement placemaking to reconnect social capital after the 3.11 earthquake and tsunami in Arahama, Japan. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 2024. 103. 104323-104323
  • Hara Ryuta, Ghezelloo Yegane, Okuba Miku, Maly Elizabeth, Arai Nobuyuki, Kondo Tamiyo. Land Use Transformation and Place-Making after Resettlement in the Disaster Hazard Area of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Reports of the City Planning Institute of Japan. 2023. 21. 4. 464-470
  • Tsukasa Iwata, Eiji Harada, Elizabeth Maly. Towards improving provision of wooden temporary housing: Analysis of repairs of temporary housing built by local contractors after the Great East Japan Earthquake. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 2023. 86. 103537-103537
  • Yegane Ghezelloo, Akihiko Hokugo, Elizabeth Maly, Yumi Shiomi. Authorization and levels of justice in recovery of gathering spaces after the great East Japan earthquake and tsunami 2011. Progress in Disaster Science. 2022. 13. 100217-100217
MISC (6):
  • 近藤民代, 井内加奈子, 馬場美智子, MALY Elizabeth. Post-disaster land use management after mega coastal disasters: Case studies of Canterbury Earthquake, Hurricane Sandy and the Great East Japan Earthquake. 都市計画報告集(Web). 2020. 19
  • Elizabeth Maly, Tamiyo Kondo, Michiko Banba, Kanako Iuchi. The Role of Residential Buyouts in Post-Disaster Housing Recovery Support: A Comparison of Recent Cases from Japan and the United States. Proceedings of the 18th International Planning History Society Conference. 2018
  • Elizabeth Maly. Housing recovery and displacement from Fukushima: Five years post-nuclear meltdown. Advances in Natural and Technological Hazards Research. 2018. 47. 205-225
  • Ella Meilianda, Aiko Sakurai, Elizabeth Maly, Rina Suryani Oktari. Preface. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 2017. 56. 1
  • Elizabeth Maly, Tamiyo Kondo. Housing Recovery And Risk-Based Land Use Planning After Hurricane Sandy. Report of Research Center for Urban Safety and Security. 2015. 19. 19. 224-231
Lectures and oral presentations  (2):
  • Characteristics of Housing Recovery Support Programs after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan:Comparison with U.S housing recovery system recovery system
    (International Research Committee on Disasters Researchers Meeting 2018)
  • Multi-Family Housing Reconstruction Extension & Livelihood Adaptation after the 2010 Eruption of Mt. Merapi Indonesia
Professional career (1):
  • PhD (Kobe University)
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