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Iwatsuki Kenichi

イワツキ ケンイチ | Iwatsuki Kenichi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Senior Research Engineer
Homepage URL  (2): https://iwa2ki.com/https://iwa2ki.com/index.en.html
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2019 - 2021 定型表現の機能に着目した英語論文の執筆支援システムの構築
Papers (11):
  • Kenichi Iwatsuki. ドメインに特化した比較的少量のデータによる事前学習済みBERTの利用可能性:鉄鋼業における事例. 2022. 741-745
  • Kenichi Iwatsuki, Florian Boudin, Akiko Aizawa. Extraction and evaluation of formulaic expressions used in scholarly papers. Expert Systems with Applications. 2021
  • Kenichi Iwatsuki, Akiko Aizawa. Communicative-Function-Based Sentence Classification for Construction of an Academic Formulaic Expression Database. Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics. 2021
  • Kenichi Iwatsuki. Towards Extracting Formulaic Expressions from Japanese Scholarly Papers. Multilingual Facilitation. 2021. 74-82
  • Kenichi Iwatsuki, Akiko Aizawa. Extraction of Formulaic Expressions from Scientific Papers. Proceedings of the AAAI-21 Workshop on Scientific Document Understanding. 2021
MISC (1):
  • Kenichi Iwatsuki, Toshio Akagi, Koji Hirano. Natural Language Processing for Business Process Innovation. 2023. 421. 115-119
Lectures and oral presentations  (2):
  • Construction of a New ACL Anthology Corpus for Deeper Analysis of Scientific Papers
    (Third International Workshop on Scientific Document Analysis 2018)
  • Bridging the Gap between Layout, Logical, and Semantic Structures of Documents
    (International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Reading Experience & Analysis of Documents 2018)
Education (3):
  • 2016 - 2021 The University of Tokyo School of Information Science and Technology Department of Computer Science
  • 2014 - 2016 The University of Tokyo School of Arts and Sciences Department of Interdisciplinary Sciences
  • 2012 - 2014 The University of Tokyo School of Arts and Sciences Science I
Professional career (3):
  • Bachelor of Liberal Arts (The University of Tokyo)
  • Master of Information Science and Technology (The University of Tokyo)
  • PhD in Computer Science (The University of Tokyo)
Work history (3):
  • 2023/04 - 現在 Mirai Translate, Inc. Senior Research Engineer
  • 2021/04 - 2023/03 Nippon Steel Corporation Intelligent Algorithm Research Center, Process Research Laboratories, R&D Laboratories Postdoctoral Researcher
  • 2019/04 - 2021/03 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Fellow
Awards (1):
  • 2019/03 - Association for Open Data of Public Transportation Tokyo Metro Special Award Amaze the maze at Shinjuku
Association Membership(s) (3):
Association for Computing Machinery ,  THE ASSOCIATION FOR NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ,  International Kimwipe Table Tennis Association
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