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Yoshiro Yamamura

Yoshiro Yamamura
Affiliation and department:
Papers (3):
  • Kariya Takeaki, Tanokura Yoko, Takada Hideyuki, Yamamura Yoshiro. Measuring Credit Risk of Individual Corporate Bonds in US Energy Sector. ASIA-PACIFIC FINANCIAL MARKETS. 2016. 23. 3. 229-262
  • Kariya Takeaki, Yamamura Yoshiro, Wang Zhu. Empirically effective bond pricing model for USGBs and analysis on term structures of implied interest rates in financial crisis. COMMUNICATIONS IN STATISTICS-THEORY AND METHODS. 2016. 45. 6. 1580-1606
  • Kariya Takeaki, Yamamura Yoshiro, Tanokura Yoko, Wang Zhu. Credit Risk Analysis on Euro Government Bonds-Term Structures of Default Probabilities. ASIA-PACIFIC FINANCIAL MARKETS. 2015. 22. 4. 397-427
MISC (11):
  • Kamizono Kenji, Kariya Takeaki, Yamamura Yoshiro. A Dynamic Bond Pricing Model with Application to the Japanese Government Bonds. 長崎大学経済学部研究年報 = Annual review of economics. 2016. 32. 57-69
  • 山村 能郎. A Transaction-Based Capitalization Rates and Sample Selection Bias. 明治大学社会科学研究所紀要. 2013. 52. 1. 193-208
  • Takeaki Kariya, Jingsui Wang, Zhu Wang, Eiichi Doi, Yoshiro Yamamura. Empirically Effective Bond Pricing Model and Analysis on Term Structures of Implied Interest Rates in Financial Crisis. Asia-Pacific Financial Markets. 2012. 19. 259-292
  • Yamamura Yoshiro. Commercial Land Price Indices with Varying-Parameter Approach. MBS review. 2011. 7. 51-70
  • Yamamura Yoshiro. Can Physical Distance Explain the Repercussions of Land Price Changes Over Time and Space? : An Examination of the Japanese Bubble in the Late 1980s. MBS review. 2011. 7. 29-50
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