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カメタ アケミ | AKEMI KAMETA
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (2): Education ,  Eating habits
Papers (7):
  • AKEMI Kunitomo SAKUMA Akemi KAMETA Keisuke MOTOYAMA Maho TANAKA. A Study on Personnel Policy of Diet and Nutrition Teachers in Local Governments : Paying attention to the arrangement rate of Diet and Nutrition Teachers and the selection method of faculty recruitment. 2019. 55. 31-43
  • AKEMI KAMETA、KAZUKO YGINUMA、MAKI TANAKA. Study on career path of Diet and Nutrition Teacher. Bulletin of Koriyama Women's University (55),. 2019. 55. 307-323
  • Akemi Kameta Michiko Zempo Anna Honma. Relationship between the Competency of Senior (4th Year) Registered Dietitian Students and their Attitude toward National Exams. Bulletin of Koriyama Women's University (54),. 2018. 54. 311-327
  • AKEMI KAMETA 、 KAZUKOYOKOTA. Differences in Food Consumption and Distribution of Meals between the Days with or without Food Service Management Training Among Female University Students. Bulletin of Koriyama Women's University(51). 2015. 51. 185-198
  • Hiroyo Kitade,Akemi Kameta,Kumi Tsuchiya,Yoshikazu Masegi,Katsushi Yoshita. Review of Estimation of Energy Requirements for School Lunches by Assessments of Height and Body Weight. 57(6), - 2014. 2014. 57. 6. 433-442
Lectures and oral presentations  (6):
  • 学校給食における食事摂取基準を活用した給与エネルギー量の検討
    (第60回日本栄養改善学会学術総会 2013)
  • 学校給食における食事摂取基準の活用に関する研究ー児童生徒個々の実態と給食のエネルギー量の関係
    (第61回東北学校保健学会 2013)
  • 給食管理実習で提供された給食の寄与率〜管理栄養士養成課程に所属する女子学生の食事調査から〜
    (第10回日本給食経営管理学会 2014)
  • 学校給食施設における児童生徒の身体状況等の把握の状況ー福島県内の栄養教諭と学校栄養職員の比較ー
    (第10回日本給食経営管理学会 2014)
  • 給食k南里で提供された給食の寄与率の検討・給食を食べた日と食べなかった日の栄養摂取量の比較から
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