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ワタナベ シュン | SHUN WATANABE
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Assistant Professor
Research field  (1): Neuroscience - general
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2016 - 2020 The roles of sialic acids in nociceptive behavior
  • 2014 - 2016 The roles of glycosphingolipids in neuropathic pain.
  • 2011 - 2013 The roles of glycolipids in nociception and analgesia.
Papers (19):
  • Takashi Iwai, Rei Mishima, Shigeto Hirayama, Honoka Nakajima, Misa Oyama, Shun Watanabe, Hideaki Fujii, Mitsuo Tanabe. SYK-623, a δ Opioid Receptor Inverse Agonist, Mitigates Chronic Stress-Induced Behavioral Abnormalities and Disrupted Neurogenesis. Journal of Clinical Medicine. 2024. 13. 2. 608-608
  • Motoki Morita, Shun Watanabe, Natsumi Nomura, Kanako Takano-Matsuzaki, Misa Oyama, Takashi Iwai, Mitsuo Tanabe. Sulfatide-selectin signaling in the spinal cord induces mechanical allodynia. Journal of neurochemistry. 2023. 164. 5. 658-670
  • Misa Oyama, Shun Watanabe, Takashi Iwai, Mitsuo Tanabe. Distinct synaptic mechanisms underlying the analgesic effects of γ-aminobutyric acid transporter subtypes 1 and 3 inhibitors in the spinal dorsal horn. Pain. 2022. 163. 2. 334-349
  • Misa Oyama, Shun Watanabe, Takashi Iwai, Mitsuo Tanabe. Mirogabalin activates the descending noradrenergic system by binding to the α2δ-1 subunit of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels to generate analgesic effects. Journal of pharmacological sciences. 2021. 146. 1. 33-39
  • Takashi Iwai, Akinori Kikuchi, Misa Oyama, Shun Watanabe, Mitsuo Tanabe. Mirogabalin prevents repeated restraint stress-induced dysfunction in mice. Behavioural brain research. 2020. 383. 112506-112506
MISC (10):
  • 宿利 美香, 大内 彩子, 内藤 康仁, 岩井 孝志, 渡辺 俊, 尾山 実砂, 植松 智, 審良 静男, Jakobsson Per-Johan, 田辺 光男, et al. mPGES-1阻害薬のマウス脳梗塞障害改善機序. 日本薬学会年会要旨集. 2018. 138年会. 3. 95-95
  • 松尾 由理, 與澤 智佳, 川野 早紀, 水口 愛香, 植松 智, 審良 静男, 内藤 康仁, 渡辺 俊, 岩井 孝志, 田辺 光男. マウス脳出血モデルにおける膜結合型PGE2合成酵素-1の役割. 日本薬学会年会要旨集. 2017. 137年会. 3. 69-69
  • Takashi Iwai, Yuri Matsuo-Ikeda, Mayu Kaneko, Yasuhito Naito, Mitsuo Tanabe, Mikako Wada, Shun Watanabe. Vasodilator action of glucagon-like peptide-2 in the mouse dura matter: implication in migraine. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY. 2016. 19. 280-280
  • Ayako Ouchi, Mika Shikuri, Yasuhito Naito, Shun Watanabe, Takashi Iwai, Per-Johan Jakobsson, Mitsuo Tanabe, Yuri Ikeda-Matsuo. Amelioration of ischemic brain injury by a novel mPGES-1 inhibitor. JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES. 2016. 130. 3. S88-S88
  • Ai Saito, Yuri Ikeda-Matsuo, Shun Watanabe, Takashi Iwai, Mitsuo Tanabe, Yasuhito Naito. Phosphorylation of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase I beta 2 in cortical neurons. JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGICAL SCIENCES. 2014. 124. 200P-200P
Patents (1):
  • 疼痛治療剤
Lectures and oral presentations  (117):
  • Mirogabalin and pregabalin, α2δ subunit ligands of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels, suppress acute and chronic itch.
  • Effects of KNT-127, a delta opioid receptor agonist, on non-REM sleep in mice.
  • The involvements of sulfatide-selectin signaling in the spinal cord on inflammatory pain.
  • 皮膚炎におけるシアル酸分解酵素による鎮痛作用と表皮内神経線維への影響
    (第41回糖質学会年会 2022)
  • 急性及び慢性掻痒に対するmirogabalinの抑制効果
    (次世代を担う若手のための創薬・医療薬理シンポジウム2022 2022)
Professional career (1):
  • 理学博士 (東京理科大学)
Awards (2):
  • 2017/06 - 優秀演題 スフィンゴ糖脂質とその糖転移酵素、分解酵素の疼痛への関与
  • 2010/09 - The international society of Neurochemistry The international society of Neurochemistry Conference Support Grant: “Molecular Targets for Novel Pain Therapeutics Intraplantar injection of gangliosides produces nociceptive behavior and hyperalgesia
Association Membership(s) (8):
生化学会 ,  分子生物学会 ,  日本神経科学会 ,  日本脂質生化学会 ,  日本糖質学会 ,  日本薬学会 ,  日本薬理学会 ,  日本疼痛学会
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