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Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Linguistics
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2020 - 2025 色の概念のカテゴリー化と名詞句内修飾
Papers (7):
  • Yurie OKAMI. Los terminos de color en espanol y el orden de los adjetivos en el sintagma nominal. I Congreso Internacional Desafios del Espanol de la Universidad Wenzao: Primeros retos del espanol en Asia. 2023. 1-21
  • Yurie Okami. スペイン語における色彩語による名詞修飾. Studia Romanica. 2021. 54. 17-26
  • Yurie Okami, Aya Furukawa. “The Error-analysis of Spanish Articles: A View from Japanese”. the e-Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Linguistics and Language Studies. 2016. 62-72
  • 岡見友里江. “スペイン語結果構文の生産性について”. 専修人文論集. 2003. 72. 72. 421-441
  • 岡見友里江. “スペイン語のVN複合語の意味について”. ロマンス語研究. 1999. 32. 32-43
MISC (11):
  • Yurie OKAMI. Modification by color words. ISTAL 26 Book of Abstracts. 2024. 64-65
  • Yurie OKAMI. The Impact of Onomatopoeia in Naming New Food Products in Japanese. Abstract Book of The Language of Food: Exploring Culinary Communication and Culture. 2024. 20-21
  • Yurie OKAMI. Some remarks on the adjectival ordering paradox. Book of Abstracts, Linguistics Beyond and WIthin (LINGBAW). 2021. 127-128
  • Yurie OKAMI. Colour concepts and colour words: how colour concepts are realized in language. ABSTRACT of International Workshop "Speaking and Writing about Colours". 2019
  • Yurie OKAMI. On the Relative Order of Attributive Adjectives. Book of Abstracts: Variation Across Language and Their Varieties. 2018. 37-38
Books (6):
  • Mira, la nueva estrellita
    Editorial Asahi 2019
  • Color language and color categorization
    Cambridge Scholars Puplishing 2016 ISBN:9781443891165
  • Research in EFL and Literature Context: Challenges and Directions
    Athens Institute for Education and Research 2014 ISBN:9786185065737
  • きらりスペイン語
    朝日出版社 2013 ISBN:425555059X
  • Current Issues in Generative Linguistics
    The Center for General and Comparative Linguistics, The University of Wrocław 2012 ISBN:9788393268719
Lectures and oral presentations  (26):
  • Modification by color words
    (26th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (ISTAL 2024) 2024)
  • The Impact of Onomatopoeia in Naming New Food Products in Japanese
    (The Language of Food: Exploring Culinary Communication and Culture 2024)
  • 名詞+名詞複合語の語形成と生産性
    (日本イスパニヤ学会 第 69回大会 2023)
  • Colour idioms and direct modification in Japanese
    (Progress in Colour Studies 2022 (PICS 2022) 2022)
  • Modificacion o composicion: los terminos de color en espanol
    (CIDEWEN 2021)
Education (3):
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid El curso de doctorado Filologia espanola
  • Sophia University
  • Sophia University Faculty of Foreign Studies
Committee career (2):
  • 2020/01 - 2022/09 Progress in Colour Studies 2020/2022 Scientific Committee
  • 2019/10 - 2020/10 Asociación Japonesa de Hispanistas 日本イスパニヤ学会第66回大会準備委員
Association Membership(s) (3):
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