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Ohwaki Takeshi

オオワキ タケシ | Ohwaki Takeshi
Affiliation and department:
Job title: Professor
Research field  (1): Inorganic compounds/materials chemistry
Papers (3):
  • Tomoya Iihoshi, Takeshi Ohwaki, Junie Jhon M. Vequizo, Akira Yamakata. Improvement of photocatalytic activity under visible-light irradiation by heterojunction of Cu ion loaded WO3 and Cu ion loaded N-TiO2. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental. 2019. 248. 249-254
  • Takeshi Ohwaki, Shu Saeki, Koyu Aoki, Takeshi Morikawa. Evaluation of photocatalytic activities and characteristics of Cu- or Fe-modified nitrogen-doped titanium dioxides for applications in environmental purification. Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. 2016. 55. 1S. 01AA05-01AA05
  • Ryoji Asahi, Takeshi Morikawa, Hiroshi Irie, Takeshi Ohwaki. Nitrogen-Doped Titanium Dioxide as Visible-Light-Sensitive Photocatalyst: Designs, Developments, and Prospects. Chemical Reviews. 2014. 114. 19. 9824-9852
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of engineering (Nagoya University)
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