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Toshiya Ideue

Toshiya Ideue
Affiliation and department:
Homepage URL  (1): http://iwasa.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/CV_Ideue_jp.html
Papers (15):
  • Ideue Toshiya, Hirayama Motoaki, Taiko Hiroaki, Takahashi Takanari, Murase Masayuki, Miyake Takashi, Murakami Shuichi, Sasagawa Takao, Iwasa Yoshihiro. Pressure-induced topological phase transition in noncentrosymmetric elemental tellurium. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 2019. 116. 51. 25530-25534
  • Zhang Y. J., Ideue T., Onga M., Qin F., Suzuki R., Zak A., Tenne R., Smet J. H., Iwasa Y. Enhanced intrinsic photovoltaic effect in tungsten disulfide nanotubes. NATURE. 2019. 570. 7761. 349-+
  • Qin Feng, Ideue Toshiya, Shi Wu, Zhang Xiao-Xiao, Yoshida Masaro, Zak Alla, Tenne Reshef, Kikitsu Tomoka, Inoue Daishi, Hashizume Daisuke, Iwasa Yoshihiro. Diameter-Dependent Superconductivity in Individual WS2 Nanotubes. NANO LETTERS. 2018. 18. 11. 6789-6794
  • Qin Feng, Ideue Toshiya, Shi Wu, Zhang Yijin, Suzuki Ryuji, Yoshida Masaro, Saito Yu, Iwasa Yoshihiro. Electric-field Control of Electronic States in WS2 Nanodevices by Electrolyte Gating. JOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS. 2018. 134
  • Onga Masaru, Zhang Yijin, Ideue Toshiya, Iwasa Yoshihiro. Exciton Hall effect in monolayer MoS2. NATURE MATERIALS. 2017. 16. 12. 1193-+
MISC (1):
  • 小野瀬 佳文, 井手上 敏也, 桂 法称. Magnon Hall effect in a Mott-insulating ferromagnet. Solid state physics. 2011. 46. 2. 101-108
Lectures and oral presentations  (18):
  • 極性半導体における非相反電荷輸送現象
    (第二回 ディラック電子系マルチフェロイクス研究会 2016)
  • 空間反転対称性の破れた低次元物質における電界誘起超伝導
    (日本物理学会第72回年次大会 2017)
  • Nonreciprocal Electric Transport In Chiral And Polar Nanomaterials
    (The 2nd International Nanotechnology Conference & Expo 2017)
  • Superconductivity in noncentrosymmteric low-dimensional materials
    (Superstripes 2017 2017)
  • Superconductivity in chiral tungsten disulfide nanotube
    (GSS17: 8th Graphene and 2D Materials Satellite Symposium 2017)
Work history (2):
  • 2019/10 - 現在 PRESTO researcher, JST
  • 2015/04 - 現在 The University of Tokyo
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