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Honda Chikako

Honda Chikako
Affiliation and department:
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (4):
  • 2021 - 2025 妊娠期から始める乳児の傷害予防:SNS・地域資源ハイブリッド型プログラムの開発
  • 2019 - 2022 乳児の安全を創出する妊娠期・地域協働型集団教育プログラムの開発と効果検証
  • 2020 - 2021 地域の保健所及び医療機関がCOVID-19感染拡大期に直面した課題と対策の解明:ミックスド・メソッドによる実装研究
  • 2015 - 2016 家の中でおこる子どもの不慮の事故による傷害の関連要因についての検討 ~子どもの生活習慣との関連を中心に~
Papers (10):
  • Chikako Honda, Takashi Naruse, Hayato Yamana, Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani. Infant Injury Prevention Education for Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Class: A Quasi-Experimental Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2021. 18. 17. 9393-9393
  • Yuka Sumikawa, Chikako Honda, Kyoko Yoshioka-Maeda, Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani. Characteristics of COVID-19-Related Free Telephone Consultations by Public Health Nurses in Japan: A Retrospective Study. Healthcare (Basel, Switzerland). 2021. 9. 8
  • Kyoko Yoshioka-Maeda, Chikako Honda, Riho Iwasaki-Motegi. Development of a Family-Friendly System for Japanese Parents Infected With COVID-19. Asia-Pacific journal of public health. 2020. 1010539520984361-1010539520984361
  • Chikako Honda, Takashi Naruse, Noriko Yamamoto-Mitani. Pregnant Women’s Intentions to Implement Safety Practices for Preventing Infant Injury: A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2020. 18. 1. 24-24
  • C. Honda, H. Yamana, H. Matsui, S. Nagata, H. Yasunaga, T. Naruse. Age in months and birth order in infant nonfatal injuries: A retrospective cohort study. Public Health in Practice. 2020. 1. 100005-100005
MISC (7):
Lectures and oral presentations  (4):
  • Effect of Infant Injury Prevention Education for Expectant Mothers attending Maternity Class: A Quasi-Experimental Study
    (The 6th International Nursing Research Conference of World Academy of Nursing Science 2020)
  • 乳児の事故予防に関する妊婦の準備性と教育ニーズ
    (第6回 日本公衆衛生看護学会学術集会 2018)
  • 乳児の外傷・異物・火傷による外来受診の時期
    (第1回 日本臨床疫学会年次学術大会 2017)
  • Home safety practices to prevent child injury and its association with daily routines for child.
    (The 3rd KOREA-JAPAN Joint Conference on Community Health Nursing(KJJCCHN) 2016)
Association Membership(s) (6):
Japan Academy of Nursing Science. ,  日本小児保健協会 ,  JAPAN ACADEMY OF COMMUNITY HEALTH NURSING ,  日本公衆衛生看護学会 ,  日本臨床疫学会 ,  JAPANESE SOCIETY OF PUBLIC HEALTH
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