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Misato Kumiko

ミサト クミコ | Misato Kumiko
Papers (8):
  • Yasuko, Kishida, Michiko, Kenyon, Kumiko, Misato, Miho, Sato, Yasuko, Murakami, Kaori, Endo, Masako, Kawakami. Basic survey on menstrual status and self-care behavior of Japanese female university students. 2023. 10. 57-63
  • Michiko, Kenyon, Kumiko, Misato, Miho, Sato, Yasuko, Kishida. A study from the perspective of preconception care on the learnings gained by female students of non-healthcare majors through the obstetrics nursing experiences taught by midwives. 2023. 10. 21-31
  • Kumiko Misato. Objectives and Issues of Father Supports During the Transition to Fatherhood: Literature Review. 2023. 8. 39-48
  • 三里 久美子, ケニヨン 充子, 佐藤 美保, 岸田 泰子. 母性看護における学生の関心 学生の自由な発想による学習テーマの分析から. 共立女子大学看護学雑誌. 2022. 9. 23-32
  • Kumiko, Misato, Michiko, Kenyon, Yasuko, Kishida. Parents’ needs for prenatal and postnatal support provided by community professionals and consideration of support for fathers. 2021. 8. 23-32
Lectures and oral presentations  (14):
  • Students’ interests in maternal nursing -From an analysis of learning themes based on students' free ideas-
    (25th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars 2022)
  • 出産後1ヵ月間の育児を伴う生活における両親の不確かさとその対処の現状
    (第35回神奈川母性衛生学会学術集会 2022)
  • Basic Survey on Menstrual Status and Self-care Behavior of Japanese Women’s University Students
    (13th International Nursing Conference 2021)
  • The Experience of Families with Infants and the Effect of Continuous Support from Pregnancy to Childcare
    (24th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars 2021)
  • 乳児期の子どもをもつ父親像の文献検討 プログラム提供者の視点
    (第35回日本助産学会学術集会 2021)
Association Membership(s) (7):
神奈川母性衛生学会 ,  日本看護科学学会 ,  日本家族看護学会 ,  日本赤十字看護学会 ,  文化看護学会 ,  日本母性衛生学会 ,  日本助産学会
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