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Burdelski Matthew

Burdelski Matthew
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Japanese linguistics
Research keywords  (1): conversation analysis, language socialization, language acquisition, second language acquisition, bilingual, gender
Papers (41):
  • Asta Cekaite, Matthew Burdelski. Crying and crying responses: A comparative exploration of pragmatic socialization in a Swedish and Japanese preschool. Journal of Pragmatics. 2021. 178. 329-348
  • Burdelski, Matthew. Practices of inviting visitors’ involvement in museum guided tours. Handai Nihongo Kenkyuu. 2021. 33. 1-31
  • Matthew Burdelski. Classroom socialisation: repair and correction in Japanese as a heritage language. Classroom Discourse. 2021
  • Ekaterina Moore, Matthew Burdelski. Peer conflict and language socialization in preschool: Introduction to special issue. Linguistics and Education. 2020. 59
  • Matthew Burdelski. ‘Say can I borrow it’: Teachers and children managing peer conflict in a Japanese preschool. Linguistics and Education. 2020. 59
MISC (4):
  • Burdelski Matthew. Language socialization : Apology expressions in caregiver-child triadic interaction. 2014. 26. 33-49
  • Burdelski, Matthew, Mitsuhashi, Koji. Socializing gender and stance: Japanese assessments with kawaii and kakkoii. Journal and Proceedings of the Gender Awareness in Language Education Special Interest Group (S. K. Hicks and A. Simon-Maeda, eds.). 2008. 1. 1. 88-99
  • Niwa Hitoshi, Akiya Naonori, Burdelski Matthew, Kuno Yoshinori, Yamazaki Keiichi. K-028 Developing Service Robots for Use in Elderly Care : An Analysis of Request Initiation. 2007. 6. 3. 577-578
  • Yamazaki, Keiichi, Kawashima, Michie, Kuno, Yoshinori, Akiya, Naonori, Burdelski, Matthew, Yamazaki, Akiko, Kuzuoka, Hideaki. Prior-to-request and request behaviors within elderly day care: Implications for developing service robots for use in multiparty settings. ECSCW'07: Proceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (L. Bannon, I. Wagner, C. Gutwin, R. Harper and K. Schmidt, eds.). 2007. 61-78
Books (2):
  • State-of-the-Art in Japanese language education: Rewriting expert knowledge
    2021 ISBN:9784823410222
  • Language socialization in classrooms: Culture, interaction, and language development
    Cambridge University Press 2020 ISBN:9781316946237
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