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Hirohito Sawahata

サワハタ ヒロヒト | Hirohito Sawahata
Affiliation and department:
Papers (37):
  • Toda H, Kawasaki K, Sato S, Horie M, Nakahara K, Bepari AK, Sawahata H, Suzuki T, Okado H, Takebayashi H, Hasegawa I,. Locally induced neuronal synchrony precisely propagates to specific cortical areas without rhythm distortion. Scientific Reports. 2018. 8. 7678
  • Kubota Y, Yamagiwa S, Sawahata H, Idogawa S, Tsuruhara S, Numano R, Koida K, Ishida M, Kawano K. Long nanoneedle-electrode devices for extracellular and intracellular recording in vivo. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical. 2018. 258. 1287-1294
  • Miyakawa N, Majima K, Sawahata H, Kawasaki K, Matsuo T, Kotake N, Suzuki T, Kamitani Y, Hasegawa I. Heterogeneous redistribution of facial subcategory information within and outside the inferotemporal face-selective domain in primate IT cortex. Cerebral cortex. 2018. 28. 4. 1416-1431
  • Ando Y, Sawahata H, Kawano T, Koida K, Numano R. Fiber bundle endomicroscopy with multi-illumination for three-dimensional reflectance image reconstruction. Journal of Biomedical Optics. 2018. 23. 2. 050205-1
  • Morikawa Y., Yamagiwa S., Sawahata H., Numano R., Koida K., Ishida M., Kawano T. (Y.M., S.Y. and H.S. contributed equally to this work). Ultrastretchable Kirigami bioprobes. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 2017. 7. 3
Books (1):
  • Flexible and Stretchable Medical Devices
    WILEY-VCH 2018
Lectures and oral presentations  (54):
  • ヒトの動的姿勢制御:仮想空間の倒立振子
    (第18回生体・生理工学シンポジウム 2003)
  • ヒトを模倣した倒立振子の制御
    (計測自動制御学会東北支部21回研究会 2003)
  • Human control of an inverted pendulum in virtual space
    (Neuroscience2005 2005)
  • ヒトの仮想倒立振子制御:仮想重力の変化が制御に及ぼす効果
    (日本機械学会東北支部大会 2005)
  • ヒトの仮想倒立振子制御: 仮想重力の変化が制御に及ぼす効果
    (山形ニューロサイエンス研究会 2007)
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