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Nakayama Naofumi

Nakayama Naofumi
Papers (17):
  • Ayumi Kanaoka, Hiromi Tohyama, Sachi Kunishige, Toshiharu Katori, Akiko Nishiyama, Masatoshi Misono, Naofumi Nakayama, Hidehiro Sakurai, Masashi Tsuge, Masaaki Baba. Electronic and vibrational structure in the S 0 and S 1 states of corannulene. Journal of Chemical Physics. 2019. 151. 23
  • Shin ichi Nagaoka, Naofumi Nakayama, Hiroyuki Teramae, Umpei Nagashima. Correlations of computational ionization energy with experimental oxidation potential and with antioxidant efficiencies in catechins. Chemical Physics. 2019. 522. 77-83
  • Nakayama Naofumi, Obata Shigeaki, Hori Yoshikazu, Goto Hitoshi, Seki Tomohiro, Ito Hajime. Soft Crystal Force Field for Reproducing the Crystal Structures of Aryl Gold Isocyanide Complexes. JOURNAL OF COMPUTER CHEMISTRY-JAPAN. 2018. 17. 3. 155-157
  • Masaya Tone, Yoko Nakagawa, Soda Chanthamath, Ikuhide Fujisawa, Naofumi Nakayama, Hitoshi Goto, Kazutaka Shibatomi, Seiji Iwasa. Highly stereoselective spirocyclopropanation of various diazooxindoles with olefins catalyzed using Ru(ii)-complex. RSC Advances. 2018. 8. 70. 39865-39869
  • Takayoshi Ishimoto, Masaaki Baba, Umpei Nagashima, Naofumi Nakayama, Michihisa Koyama. Theoretical Study on Rotational Constants of CH3O/CD3O Induced by Geometrical Isotope Effect. Journal of Computer Chemistry, Japan. 2016. 15. 199-202
MISC (50):
  • 濱田信次, 宮下真人, 都築誠二, 下位幸弘, 小畑繁昭, 中山尚史, 後藤仁志, 後藤仁志. 高精度量子化学計算に基づく分子間ポテンシャルに関する考察. 日本コンピュータ化学会年会講演予稿集. 2019. 2019. 78
  • 堀芳和, 榎本大義, 小畑繁昭, 中山尚史, 後藤仁志, 関朋宏, 伊藤肇. ソフトクリスタルの多形転移解析法の探求. 日本コンピュータ化学会年会講演予稿集. 2018. 2018. 41
  • 長嶋雲兵, 田島澄恵, 中山尚史, 寺前裕之, 長岡伸一. H3+,H3,H3-の結合様式と構造. 日本コンピュータ化学会年会講演予稿集. 2017. 2017. 132-133
  • Nakayama Naofumi, Nakagawa Yoko, Gotoh Hitoshi, Iwasa Seiji. Development of extended force filed for Ru-carbene complex and conformational energy profiles of Ru=C rotation. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 2016. 251
  • SAGAN Amih, 田島澄恵, 中山尚史, 長嶋雲兵, 寺前裕之, 長岡伸一. H3+,H3,H3-の結合様式と構造. 情報化学討論会講演要旨集(Web). 2014. 37th. P07(J-STAGE)
Lectures and oral presentations  (18):
  • 機械学習による有機半導体の構造研究 III
    (日本物理学会講演概要集(CD-ROM) 2019)
  • 分子・分子性結晶の機能を解明するための計算化学ソフトウェアの利活用
    (日本化学会春季年会講演予稿集(CD-ROM) 2019)
  • 機械学習支援による有機半導体結晶構造解析
    (応用物理学会春季学術講演会講演予稿集(CD-ROM) 2019)
  • Investigation of structure of organic semiconductors using machine learning II
    (Meeting Abstracts of the Physical Society of Japan 2018)
  • 金属錯体の結晶ポテンシャルの開発と多形転移現象のメカニズム解析
    (日本コンピュータ化学会年会講演予稿集 2018)
Association Membership(s) (2):
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