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Iwata Hiroki

イワタ ヒロキ | Iwata Hiroki
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (3): Atmospheric and hydrospheric science ,  Environmental dynamics ,  Agricultural environmental and information engineering
Research keywords  (6): Micrometeorology ,  Carbon and water cycles ,  Atmospheric boundary layer ,  Eddy covariance method ,  Methane exchange ,  Wavelet analysis
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (3):
  • 2021 - 2026 How does the seasonal and interannual variations in methane emission respond to the eutrophication in a shallow lake?
  • 2017 - 2021 Evaluation of methane emission from a mid-latitude shallow lake using eddy covariance observations and dissolved methane concentration measurements
  • 2015 - 2017 Evaluation of heat and gas exchanges at the atmosphere-land interface considering the effect of low-frequency transport
Papers (54):
  • Gavin McNicol, Etienne Fluet-Chouinard, Zutao Ouyang, Sara Knox, Zhen Zhang, Tuula Aalto, Sheel Bansal, Kuang-Yu Chang, Min Chen, Kyle Delwiche, et al. Upscaling Wetland Methane Emissions From the FLUXNET-CH4 Eddy Covariance Network (UpCH4 v1.0): Model Development, Network Assessment, and Budget Comparison. AGU Advances. 2023. 4. 5. 1-24
  • Shihori Kawashima, Masahito Ueyama, Yoshinobu Harazono, Hiroki Iwata, Hideki Kobayashi. Snow disappearance timing associated with elevation and vegetation type determines heterogeneity in spring onset in interior Alaska. Polar Science. 2023. 35. 100918-100918
  • Masahito Ueyama, Sara H. Knox, Kyle B. Delwiche, Sheel Bansal, William J. Riley, Dennis Baldocchi, Takashi Hirano, Gavin McNicol, Karina Schafer, Lisamarie Windham-Myers, et al. Modeled production, oxidation and transport processes of wetland methane emissions in temperate, boreal, and Arctic regions. Global Change Biology. 2023
  • Jacqueline Oehri, Gabriela Schaepman-Strub, Jin-Soo Kim, Raleigh Grysko, Heather Kropp, Inge Grünberg, Vitalii Zemlianskii, Oliver Sonnentag, Eugénie S. Euskirchen, Merin Reji Chacko, et al. Vegetation type is an important predictor of the arctic summer land surface energy budget. Nature Communications. 2022. 13. 1
  • Kunxiaojia Yuan, Qing Zhu, Fa Li, William J. Riley, Margaret Torn, Housen Chu, Gavin McNicol, Min Chen, Sara Knox, Kyle Delwiche, et al. Causality guided machine learning model on wetland CH4 emissions across global wetlands. AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY. 2022. 324
MISC (22):
Books (1):
  • Arctic Hydrology, Permafrost and Ecosystem
Lectures and oral presentations  (15):
  • 諏訪湖の混合に対する運動量輸送と水温成層の影響
    (日本農業気象学会関東甲信越支部2019年度例会 2019)
  • 諏訪湖における温室効果ガスの拡散放出モデルの検証
    (日本農業気象学会関東甲信越支部2019年度例会 2019)
  • アカマツ林からの蒸発散量の10年規模変動とその物理的生物的制御要因
    (日本農業気象学会関東甲信越支部2019年度例会 2019)
  • アカマツ林の林床における二酸化炭素放出の日変化と季節変化
    (日本農業気象学会関東甲信越支部2019年度例会 2019)
  • 渦相関法を用いた山脈稜線上ハイマツ生態系におけるフラックス観測
    (日本農業気象学会関東甲信越支部2019年度例会 2019)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(理学) (筑波大学)
Work history (5):
  • 2019/04 - 現在 Shinshu University Faculty of Science Department of Science
  • 2014/04 - 2019/03 Shinshu University
  • 2012/04 - 2014/03 Kyoto University
  • 2008/05 - 2012/03 University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center
  • 2007/10 - 2008/03 University of Tsukuba Terrestrial Environment Research Center
Awards (1):
  • 2014/03 - 日本農業気象学会論文賞
Association Membership(s) (2):
日本気象学会 ,  日本農業気象学会
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