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Papers (1):
  • 地頭所 里紗. Understanding the Consumers' Psychology and Behavior : Aiming at the Application to Marketing(10)Ethnic Crossover in the Textile Industry. JOURNAL of the JAPAN RESEARCH ASSOCIATION for TEXTILE END-USES. 2019. 60. 2. 122-126
MISC (2):
  • 松田 温郎, 地頭所 里紗. Occurrence of Misattribution of Positive and Negative Emotions : Focus on Form of Retail Stores and Number of Use. 山口経済学雑誌 = Yamaguchi journal of economics, business administrations & laws. 2016. 64. 6. 713-736
  • 松田 温郎, 地頭所 里紗. Misattribution of Positive and Negative Emotions in Evaluation Factors of Characteristic of Retail Stores : An Additional Test Using the Scales of "PANAS". 山口経済学雑誌. 2015. 63. 6. 565-582
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