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Yamahana kyoko

Yamahana kyoko
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Archaeology
Papers (1):
  • Akinori Uesugi, Izumi Nakai, Manmohan Kumar, Kyoko Yamahana, YoshinariAbe・Junko Shirataki, Kanae Toyama, Vivek Dangi. A Study on Faience Objects in the Ghaggar Plains during the Urban and Post-Urban Indus Periods. Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies in Archeology. 2017. 5. 140-164
MISC (13):
  • 横山 知則, 秋山 泰伸, 山花 京子, 淺香 隆, 樋口 昌史, 佐藤 正志. Study of Ancient Egyptian Beads Made of Sulfur. 文化財保存修復学会誌. 2019. 62. 図巻頭1p,28-42
  • 山花 京子. Replicating Ancient Egyptian Faience using an Efflorescence Technique. 西アジア考古学 = Journal of West Asian archaeology. 2017. 18. 79-88
  • 竹多 格, 後藤 泰男, 山花 京子. Making the Ancient Egyptian Faience Tiles : Experiments with Efflorescence, Application and Chemical Deposition Methods. Glass : Journal of the Association for Glass Art Studies, Japan. 2013. 57. 3-22
  • 山花 京子. Ancient recipe of glass making. Glass. 2008. 52. 50-55
  • OHIRA K, YOSHIDA S, YAMAHANA K. Non-Destructive Analysis of Ancient Egyptian Vitreous Materials by Neutron Activation Analysis. Ionizing radiation. 2007. 33. 2. 171-176
Books (1):
  • The demotic and hieratic papyri in the Suzuki collection of Tokai University
    Lockwood Press 2016 ISBN:9781937040628
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