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Shiohara Asako

シオハラ アサコ | Shiohara Asako
Research field  (1): Linguistics
Research keywords  (4): usage-based linguistics ,  pragmatics ,  information structure ,  インドネシア語
Papers (25):
  • SHIOHARA Asako, Yanti. Building a semi-parallel corpus of Malay varieties: some preliminary findings. NUSA: Linguistic studies of languages in and around Indonesia. 2020. 68. 5-22
  • Shiohara Asako, Sakon Yuta, Nomoto Hiroki. Discourse functions of the two non-active voices in Indonesian: Based on the web corpus in MALINDO Conc. NUSA: Linguistic studies of languages in and around Indonesia. 2019. 67. 77-101
  • Asako Shiohara. Recent Stylistic changes in Indonesian recipes observed in voice selection. NUSA: Linguistic studies of languages in and around Indonesia. 2018. 65. 67-80
  • Asako Shiohara. Two definite markers in Manado Malay. Perspectives on information structure in Austronesian languages, Berlin: Language Science Press. 2018. 117-136
  • SHIOHARA Asako. A Progress Report on Sumbawa Annotated-spoken Corpus: Tentative Annotation Notes. 2018. 12. 75-97
MISC (12):
  • 塩原 朝子, NAWIPA Dance, シオハラ アサコ, ナウィパ ダンチェ, SHIOHARA Asako. メエ語テキスト: パンダヌス園にまつわる三つの話. 2018 年度アジア・アフリカ言語文化研究所言語研修フィールドメソッド メエ語(エ カリ語)成果報告書(Working paper based on 2018 ILCAA Intensive Language Course: Field methods course on Mee (Ekari)). 2019. 292-311
  • Asako Shiohara. How/What to Give Back to the Language Community. ILCAA Forum: Institute-wide Research Program “Establishment of a New Cooperative Research System for Solving Contemporary Problems in Asia and Africa”. 2018
  • Yanti, Asako Shiohara. Efforts in Language Documentation in a Linguistically Diverse Country: Building up Collaborations of Various Stakeholders. NINJAL International Symposium “Approaches to Endangered Languages in Japan and Northeast Asia: Description, Documentation and Revitalization”. 2018
  • Asako Shiohara. Training for Documenting Minority Languages of Indonesia: Practice, Benefit and Challenges. The Sixteen Annual Linguistic Conference of Atma Jaya (KOLITA 16). 2018
  • JUKES Anthony, SHIOHARA Asako, Yanti. Collaborative Project for Documenting Minority Languages in Indonesia and Malaysia. 2017. 11. 45-56
Books (8):
  • フィールドメソッドメエ語 (エカリ語) 成果報告書
    東京外国語大学アジア・アフリカ言語文化研究所 2020 ISBN:9784863373044
  • Perspectives on information structure in Austronesian languages
    Language Science Press 2018 ISBN:9783961101085
  • Proceedings of the International Workshops on Information Structure of Austronesian Languages, 2013-2016 : the first workshop 13-15, December 2013 : the second workshop 11-13, February 2015 : the third workshop 18-20, February 2016
    Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies 2017 ISBN:9784863372429
  • 人はみなフィールドワーカーである : 人文学のフィールドワークのすすめ
    東京外国語大学出版会 2014 ISBN:9784904575383
  • 多言語社会インドネシア : 変わりゆく国語、地方語、外国語の諸相
    めこん 2009 ISBN:9784839602239
Lectures and oral presentations  (11):
  • Discourse function of di-clauses in narratives
    (The 2nd International Workshop “Varieties of Malayic Languages” 2018)
  • Standard Indonesian and Informal Indonesian: How do they differ?
    (The 2nd International Workshop “Varieties of Malayic Languages” 2018)
  • Coding of active references in Malay varietie
    (ICAL14: fourteenth International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics, International conference 2018)
  • “Coding of “Active” Referents in Malay Varieties”
    (International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics 2018)
  • Documentary linguistics in and around Indonesia
    (UMS-TUFS Exchange Lecture on Culture and Society of Asia 2018)
Association Membership(s) (1):
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