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川﨑 加奈子

川﨑 加奈子
Papers (2):
  • 川﨑 加奈子. Expressions of Politeness in the Kagoshima Dialect and their Standard Language Translations : An Research based on the Kagoshima Prefectural Library Dialect Compilation Tapes. 長崎外大論叢 = The Journal of Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. 2018. 22. 53-70
  • KONDO Yumi, KAWASAKI Kanako. The causes of inadequate access to disaster prevention education among foreign exchange studen:A case analysis of disaster prevention information gathering by foreign exchange students. Studies of Language and Cultural Education. 2015. 13. 0. 118-133
MISC (7):
  • KONDO Yumi, KAWASAKI Kanako. A Disaster Prevention Manual by and for Foreign Exchange students: An Educational Practice in cultivating Self-Help Ability for Disaster Prevention. 2016. 10-19
  • 近藤 有美, 川崎 加奈子. 地方の伝統祭礼を通した総合日本語クラスの実践. イマ×ココ : 言語教育実践. 2015. 3. 74-82
  • KAWASAKI Kanako. Rakugo and the Development of Global Human Resources : Potentiality of rakugo as a Teaching Material. The journal of Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. 2014. 18. 41-54
  • 川崎 加奈子. The Current Japan Studies Class on Earthquake Year : A Report on the listening class using TV mass Video. Journal of International Student Center Nagasaki University. 2012. 20. 79-86
  • KAWASAKI Kanako, KONDO Yumi. The Teacher's Intervention in Collaborative Activities Class : How teachers give instructions on language in contents-based class. The journal of Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. 2012. 16. 37-44
Books (1):
  • Kenkyusha's dictionary of Japanese collocations
    2012 ISBN:9784767491103
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