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Kitagawa Masahiro

Kitagawa Masahiro
Affiliation and department:
Research field  (1): Primary/secondary education and curricula
Research keywords  (1): Japanese
Papers (4):
  • KITAGAWA Masahiro. Re-thinking the Importance of Discussion for Learning in Primary School: Analyze the influence to cognitive and affective dimensions. kokugokakyouiku. 2018. 83. 0. 15-23
  • 北川 雅浩. A study of making the learning materials of "meta-dialogue" : An examination targeting 6th grade elementary school students. 教材学研究 = Research journal of teaching and learning materials. 2018. 29. 7-14
  • KITAGAWA Masahiro. A Study of Instructions for Cooperative Discussion in Small Groups-Development of the Ability to Promote Discussion in Elementary School-. kokugokakyouiku. 2018. 84. 0. 40-48
  • KITAGAWA Masahiro. A study of effective method for introducing of discussion in elementary school : Significance and teaching method of cooperation in discussion. kokugokakyouiku. 2016. 79. 0. 23-30
MISC (1):
  • An analysis of the effects of “asking questions” on the processes of group discussion. 2019. 68
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