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トリウミ アズサ | TORIUMI Azusa
Affiliation and department:
Job title: 助教
Research field  (1): Civil engineering (planning and transportation)
Papers (37):
  • Azusa Toriumi, Ghassan Abu-Lebdeh, Wael Alhajyaseen, Nicola Christie, Tina Gehlert, Babak Mehran, Lorenzo Mussone, Mohamed Shawky, Keshuang Tang, Hideki Nakamura. A multi-country survey for collecting and analyzing facts related to road traffic safety: Legislation, enforcement, and education for safer drivers. IATSS Research. 2022. 46. 1. 14-25
  • Yasuhiro Shiomi, Azusa Toriumi, Hideki Nakamura. International analysis on social and personal determinants of traffic violations and accidents employing logistic regression with elastic net regularization. IATSS Research. 2022. 46. 1. 36-45
  • Azusa TORIUMI, Kosuke KASAHARA, Takashi OGUCHI. A Simulation Study on the Interaction between the Land-Access Function for Motor Vehicles and the Walkability for Pedestrians in Urban Streets. Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies. 2022. 14. 1855-1869
  • S. Huang, A. Toriumi, T. Oguchi. Random nature of shared left-turn lanes at signalized intersections. 23rd IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference (ITSC2020), Rhodes/online. 2020
  • Azusa TORIUMI, Shaoluen HUANG, Takashi OGUCHI. Impact of Randomness on Delay and Oversaturation in Shared Left-turn Lane. 2020. 40. 335-343
MISC (25):
  • 鳥海梓, 大口敬. ITSと取り組みと動向. 交通政策研究 2023. 2023. 74-75
  • 鳥海梓, 大口敬. ITSの取り組みと動向. 交通政策研究. 2022. 70-71
  • J. Zhang, A. Toriumi, T. Oguchi, K. Sudo, A. Taniue, T. Shitama, H. Itoshima, J. Xing. Time-series analysis and prediction of OD traffic volume using ETC data. Bimonthly Journal of Institute of Industrial Science. 2022. 74. 1. 101-106
  • J. Varshini, A. Toriumi, T. Oguchi. Modelling Motorway Gap Distribution for Evaluating Merging Opportunity for Connected-and-Automated-Vehicles from Dedicated Lanes. Bimonthly Journal of Institute of Industrial Science. 2022. 74. 1. 107-113
  • 鳥海梓, 大口敬. ITSの取り組みと動向. 自動車交通研究 (Web). 2021. 2021. 62-63
Lectures and oral presentations  (67):
  • Trial Analysis of Vehicle-pedestrian Interactions at Unsignalized Intersection on Urbam Street Using Multiple Object Tracking
  • Comparisons of condirions on Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway sections under different traffic crash rates in uncongested flow
  • Study of Speed-Flow Curves Under Different Geometric Conditions of Intercity Expressways
  • Assessments of the Land-access Function for Motor Vehicles Considering the Walkability
  • 高速道路における道路構造条件別の速度性能曲線に関する分析
    (土木計画学研究・講演集, Vol. 66 2022)
Professional career (1):
  • Doctor of Engineering (Nagoya University)
Awards (5):
  • 2021/12 - Best Poster Award of the 19th ITS symposium 2021 Modelling Motorway Gap Distribution for Evaluating Merging Opportunity of Connected-and-Automated-Vehicles from Dedicated Lanes
  • 2017/12 - ITS Japan 第15回ITSシンポジウム2017ベストポスター賞 ETC2.0プローブ情報を用いた環状高速道路の交通状態推計に関するケーススタディ
  • 2017/08 - 交通工学研究会 平成29年度第37回交通工学研究発表会安全の泉賞 単路部における無信号二段階横断方式の評価
  • 2017/06 - 交通工学研究会 平成29年度第31回交通工学研究会論文賞 ラウンドアバウト流入交通容量推定のための大型車の乗用車換算係数
  • 2010/05 - 土木学会中部支部 土木学会中部支部研究発表会 平成21年度優秀研究発表賞 最終右折車との交錯に着目した信号切り替わり時の車両挙動分析
Association Membership(s) (5):
国際交通安全学会(協力会員) ,  Eastern Asian Society for Transportation Studies ,  World Conference on Transport Research Society ,  JAPAN SOCIETY OF TRAFFIC ENGINEERS ,  JAPAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS
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