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satoshi kitaoka

キタオカ サトシ | satoshi kitaoka
Research field  (2): Plant nutrition, soil science ,  Environmental dynamics
Research keywords  (5): 植物生理生態 ,  光合成(蛍光反応からガス交換) ,  窒素代謝 ,  制御環境 ,  光質応答
Research theme for competitive and other funds  (1):
  • 2006 - 2008 窒素配分から見た高CO2下での有用樹の強光阻害回避機構と木漏れ日の利用の研究
Papers (42):
  • Tanaka Kenzo, Yuta Inoue, Masatake G. Araki, Tatsuro Kawasaki, Satoshi Kitaoka, Tatsuya Tsurita, Tadashi Sakata, Satoshi Saito. Effects of Throughfall Exclusion on Photosynthetic Traits in Mature Japanese Cedar (Cryptomeria japonica (L. f.) D. Don.). Forests. 2021. 12. 8. 971-971
  • Yoko Watanabe, Kiyomi Hinata, Laiye Qu, Satoshi Kitaoka, Makoto Watanabe, Mitsutoshi Kitao, Takayoshi Koike. Effects of Elevated CO2 and Nitrogen Loading on the Defensive Traits of Three Successional Deciduous Broad-Leaved Tree Seedlings. Forests. 2021. 12. 7. 939-939
  • Mitsutoshi Kitao, Evgenios Agathokleous, Kenichi Yazaki, Masabumi Komatsu, Satoshi Kitaoka, Hiroyuki Tobita. Growth and Photosynthetic Responses of Seedlings of Japanese White Birch, a Fast-Growing Pioneer Species, to Free-Air Elevated O3 and CO2. Forests. 2021. 12. 6. 675-675
  • Satoshi Kitaoka, Masaharu Kanetoshi, Laiye Qu, Saki Fujita, Yoko Watanabe, Takayoshi Koike. Can black locust, an invasive species, acclimate to shady environment with nitrogen allocation in a leaf?. Forests, -UNDER REVIEW-. 2021
  • Satoshi Kitaoka, Qu Laiye, Yoko Watanabe, Makoto Watanabe, Toshihiro Watanabe, Takayoshi Koike. Heterophyllous Shoots of Japanese Larch Trees: The Seasonal and Yearly Variation in CO2 Assimilation Capacity of the Canopy Top with Changing Environment. Plants. 2020. 9. 10. 1278-1278
MISC (86):
  • 五十嵐哲也, 北岡哲, 宮本和樹, 星野大介, 伊藤幸介. Effect of past land use on the species richness and composition of woody recruits in secondary deciduous broadleaf forest. 関東森林研究. 2017. 68. 1
  • 矢崎健一, 飛田博順, 北岡哲, 平岡裕一郎, 北尾光俊. 高CO2および高オゾン環境下におけるスギ精英樹クローン6品種の幹成長. 関東森林研究. 2015. 66. 2. 163-166
  • KITAOKA Satoshi, UEMURA Akira, HARAYAMA Hisanori, MARUYAMA Yutaka, TOBITA Hiroyuki, UTSUGI Hajime. Effects of elevated CO_2 concentration and pot size to leaf photosynthetic responses of willow (Salix pet-susu Kimura). Boreal forest research. 2013. 61. 51-52
  • UEMURA Akira, HARAYAMA Hisanori, KITAOKA Satoshi, UTSUGI Hajime. The effects of stool cutback on current growth in two willow species. Boreal forest research. 2013. 61. 55-56
  • HARAYAMA Hisanori, OHNO Yasuyuki, UEMURA Akira, KITAOKA Satoshi, UTSUGI Hajime, KITA Kazuhito. Seasonal variations in photosynthetic properties in saplings of three Larix spp. Boreal forest research. 2013. 61. 57-58
Books (3):
  • Air Pollution Impacts on Plants in East Asia. (eds) Izuta T.
    Springer, Tokyo 2017 ISBN:9784431564362
  • Permafrost Ecosystems. Ecological Studies (Analysis and Synthesis), vol 209. (eds) Osawa A., Zyryanova O., Matsuura Y., Kajimoto T., Wein R.
    Springer, Dordrecht 2009 ISBN:9781402096938
  • Global environmental change in the ocean and on land (eds) Shiyomi M.,Kawahata H.,Koizumi H., Tsuda A., Awaya Y.
    TERRAPUB, Tokyo 2004 ISBN:4887041330
Lectures and oral presentations  (65):
  • 降雨遮断2年目の土壌乾燥に対するスギ成木の応答 I.葉の水利用特性
    (日本森林学会大会学術講演集 2020)
  • 降雨遮断2年目の土壌乾燥に対するスギ成木の応答 II.光合成特性
    (日本森林学会大会学術講演集 2020)
  • 黒潮における植物プランクトンクロロフィル量の時間変動成分の同定と成分間関係の解析
    (日本海洋学会大会講演要旨集 2020)
  • スギ・シュートにおける貯蔵炭水化物の時間変動パターン
    (日本森林学会大会学術講演集 2019)
  • Effects of soil drought on mature Japanese cedar trees: II. Photosynthetic traits
    (The Japanese Forest Society Congress 2019)
Professional career (1):
  • 博士(農学) (北海道大学)
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