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Miho Suzuki

Miho Suzuki
Affiliation and department:
Papers (11):
  • Igarashi A, Matsumoto H, Takaoka M, Kugai H, Suzuki M, Yamamoto-Mitani N. Educational Program for Promoting Collaboration Between Community Care Professionals and Convenience Stores. Journal of Applied Gerontology. 2019
  • Go H, Tanaka M, Yamamoto-Mitani N, Suzuki M, Kawakami A, Masaki N, Shimada M. Medication Adherence Among Patients With Chronic Hepatitis Receiving Antiviral Treatment. Gastroenterology nursing : the official journal of the Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates. 2019. 42. 2. 140-149
  • Matsumoto H, Igarashi A, Suzuki M, Yamamoto-Mitani N. Association between neighbourhood convenience stores and independent living in older people. Australasian journal on ageing. 2019
  • Nakamura Y, Matsumoto H, Yamamoto-Mitani N, Suzuki M, Igarashi A. Impact of support agreement between municipalities and convenience store chain companies on store staff's support activities for older adults. Health policy (Amsterdam, Netherlands). 2018. 122. 12. 1377-1383
  • Suzuki M. Current trends in nursing science theory: Editorial on the Nursing Research Special Issue. Japan journal of nursing science : JJNS. 2018. 15. 4. 269-271
Lectures and oral presentations  (42):
  • 超高齢社会を踏まえた医療体制の見直しに対応する看護教育の在り方 社会のニーズにこたえられる看護学教育とは
  • 化学療法を受ける患者の皮膚障害が日常生活へ及ぼす影響
  • コンビニエンスストアにおける認知症高齢者への支援を推進するプログラムの効果 都市部自治体における産官学連携プロジェクト
  • ドセタキセル治療を受ける患者における爪甲障害の予防 改良型フローズングローブとアイスノンによる冷却法の比較
  • 化学療法を受けるがん患者の症状を緩和する看護介入とその効果 文献検討
Association Membership(s) (7):
Sigma Theta Tau International ,  Eastern Nursing Research Society ,  Oncology Nursing Society ,  Japanese Association of Supportive Care in Cancer ,  Japan Society for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation ,  JAPAN ACADEMY OF NURSING SCIENCE ,  JAPANESE SOCIETY OF CANCER NURSING
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